Characteristics and countermeasures of the personnel who will be the risk maker of the project

2021, 9, 16,

Good evening, Yuya @ Project Manager Personality. Today, I would like to introduce the characteristics and measures I have to discuss the characteristics and countermeasures of risk manufacturers that express the risks I have encountered during my 15 years of project work.

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Characteristics and countermeasures of the personnel who will be the risk maker of the project

It is said that 80% of the failures in the project are due to communication failures. Even if it is simply said that communication is a failure, there are various causes such as the mechanism for communicating and how to proceed, but here we will apply a scope to people. There are three main types of risk makers that develop this communication risk.

  • The first type: People who are quick to understand what they do not know, but forget about it and make it black history (hereinafter referred to as (1) black history type)
  • The second type: People who take time to understand what they do not know (hereinafter referred to as (2) carefully understood type)
  • The third type: People who cannot remember what they do not know (hereinafter referred to as (3) Asperger's type)

(1) Characteristics and countermeasures of the black history type

(1) The characteristic of the black history type is that the understanding and absorption speed of what you do not know is very fast, but because you forget this thing you did not know, as a price, you can not teach well when a person is down. For this reason, because I do not know what I do not know about the bottom, I try to teach in the roller strategy of knowledge including what the person below knows, so I often consume a lot of communication costs. I'm often frustrated by this cost and blame it on the bottom to release stress and harass it. If the object to be taught is below, it is still uncontrollable when the customer is the target. This is because customers label it as a person who does not know what they are saying, and it requires personnel to have a gap, and communication with the personnel who are in charge during this time also costs a lot. (1) The reason why the black history type forgets what they did not know is the high pride that they do not want to admit that they did not know, and the impatience that they have to move things forward quickly. (1) As a way to get out of the black history type, it is effective to first recognize these deep consciousness. And it's useful to understand the risk of forgetting something you didn't understand.

(2) Carefully understood measures

(2) The characteristic of the carefully understood type is the type that takes time to understand the knowledge that is the premise of project work as the name implies. In a sense, if you spend enough time for understanding, it will be solved, but as a means to boost understanding in the first place, there is a possibility that it will bloom greatly by learning the skill of drawing. When the drawing skills are polished,(1) you can have enough understanding to surpass black history-type people, and you can also improve your communication power, so you can have dialogue regardless of the customer, the upper member, and the member below, so you can expect a leap.


About the benefits of drawing
Another way to boost your comprehension is to be stressful. Anyway, there is also a way to proceed without knowing.


It's faster to face things you don't understand at high speed than to walk a cow with a step by step Illustration Ultra-fast study - "Speed" is better than "effort"!

(3) Asperger's-type measures

(3) The characteristic of asperger's type is that the amount of memory about not being interested is extremely small. For this reason, what I taught an hour ago slipped out ofmy memory without hesitation, and I can not think that I accumulated knowledge. However, since this symptom becomes conditional that you are not interested, it is effective to push the path you like or make you think that you like it as a response method.


If you're in line with what you want to do, have fun, and do what you like, you can perform greatly


In this article, I introduced a personal interpretation of the characteristics and countermeasures for the three types of risks that develop risks in the project. Any person should apply to any of these (1) to (3), so if you are a project manager, I hope you can manage well by identifying what type of member below is. Also, if you are a member, I hope you will try each countermeasure. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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