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Introduction of operation failure cases of mobile order-based stores

2021, 9, 19,

Good evening, I'm Yuya @consultant SE. Today, I saw a shop that introduced a trendy mobile order the other day, but completely failed in its operation, so I will introduce the point that I can not do as a teacher.

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What is a mobile order system?

The mobile order system is a system that conveys the contents of an order when placing an order at a restaurant or café without communicating it face-to-face with the storefront or hall staff. The benefits of introducing this include

Mobile order benefits

  • Reduction of labor costs, etc. associated with orders
  • Reduce customer latency with pre-orders
  • Reduced incidence of corona (because face-to-face ordering is not required)

Mobile ordering methods introduced in Capricciosa

The shop where the mobile order system that I visited this time was introduced is the pasta shop Capricciosa. When I sat down in the seat, I loaded the QR code provided and a dedicated order page was set up, where I placed an order. At first, I felt that it was an advanced initiative, so I thought that I should do it inwardly. However, this mobile order system did not turn well later.

Why the mobile order system was failing

There are two points that I felt that I was not turning well in concrete terms. The first point is that in the end, staff are taking steps to order mobile with customers, and the human rights associated with the order have not been reduced. The second point is that after having takeaway customers line up at the cash register in vain and wait in line, we told them how to order mobile and put them back in line at the cash register. Unsurprisingly, the customer was quite angry. One of the most common factors contributing

to these problems is that we were not able to properly inform our customers that they were mobile order system. And what is raised in a secondary way is that early follow-up when a customer behaves incorrectly was not possible. Perhaps the mobile order system is being tried at some store, and such problems should be easily identified and countermeasures should be planned and known. I wondered where this was not possible.


This time, I introduced the point that Capricciosa's mobile order system could not be done. Personally, I would like to appreciate the advanced initiatives, but I'm sorry that customer satisfaction has declined with the introduction of this system. In the future, such a mechanism should be introduced more and more, so I thought that it would be nice to see more stores that can operate a mobile order system well with this failure as a teacher. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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