How to erase pochi that appears at the beginning of a line when using the heading function in Word

Good evening, I'm Yuya @consultant SE. Today, I'll show you how to erase the pochi that sticks when you make headlines in Microsoft Word.

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What is a pochi that appears at the beginning of a line when you make a headline?

Here's what pochi is attached to when you break a line in Microsoft Word I'm going to talk about today. This left pochi is separate from the paragraph function, so it's in the way when you dare to set a specific symbol.

How to erase pochi

There are two ways to take this pochi.

Provisional response

Anyway, I want to erase all the pochi as soon as possible! In that case, you can temporarily erase pochi by performing the following procedure. → "Home" ribbon→ deselect "Do not separate from next paragraph" → the "Pagination and Line Break" tab, but if you rehead it again in this state, it will be pochi again, as you mentioned "Provisional".

Permanent correspondence

In order to permanently erase this, it is necessary to change the heading settings as follows: Right-click in Heading → select "Change" → "Change Paragraph" from "Format" → unselect "Do not separate from next paragraph" → the "Page break and line break" tab.


Many people do not use word's heading function very much, but if you know it, the level of use of Word will increase considerably.


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But let's master this heading function! At that time, pochi introduced this time comes out and often feels that it is disturbing.


  • Provisional support: "Do not separate from next paragraph" → the "Paragraph Options" → the "Pagination and Line Break" tab → the "Home" ribbon.
  • High-end support: Right-click in Heading→ select "Change paragraph" from "Format" → → → "Do not separate from next paragraph" → the "New page break" tab
If you are troubled, I hope you can try the method introduced this time! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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