My Child's Growth Record

My child's growth record: 1 year and 4 months old

Good evening is Yuya @papa personality. Today, I summarized "My child's growth record: 1 year and 4 months old". I hope that my family's struggles and ingenuity will be helpful.

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Why record your child's growth?

We basically upload videos or images for families with an app called "Take a Look" every day. If you look back on this and start watching it, it is content that time passes quickly, but I suddenly thought that I did not know what I could have done in months with this, so I think I will write what I can do as a forget.


My child's growth record: 1 year and 4 months old

Words that have become able to speak

  • I imitated my dad and mom and started to say "Oh!
  • It came to point to "Do" and "Here".
  • I started talking "One One" a lot to play with Alexa. Even when I wake up in the morning and the first voice is one-of-a-kind w
  • Sometimes I uttered words like "carrot" or "I was able to do it."


  • Only the glass became very good. I spilled if I was careless, but I didn't have an image that I could do before entering w Nursery School, but it was good to be able to do it.
  • I became strongly interested in what adults were eating. Especially noodles
  • It looks like daddy, and the bite of natto rice is quite good.
  • I started to eat bananas by stabbing them with a fork.
  • The amount of rice to eat at a time has increased, mainly because the amount of activity has increased.

Where I went

Shajin Park

I went to Shajin Park to get in touch with nature. It was so large that I couldn't explore it.



There was a sleep regression situation that I could not sleep until around 23:00, and there was a time to take a walk with a cuddle string and put it to bed.


Play in the nursery school

I started to play with toys in my clothes at the nursery school, and I often noticed that nursery toys were mixed when I did laundry at home.

come to play across a car vehicle

I started playing on the toy of a car vehicle that I had never looked at before.

Debuting with colored pencils and crayons

I debuted painting with colored pencils and crayons. Colored pencils were playing in places where they put out or put them away. I bought a crayon that disappeared with water so that I could remove dirt even if I drew it outside of the notebook. As much as possible, it was a policy that I wanted to let you draw in various places.


play by loading or throwing

Until now, I had been playing with blocks and stacked toys, but the way I played has changed, and I have come to pile and throw.

Play with a keyhole

I remembered the location of the keyhole to enter the bicycle parking lot and the garbage dump, and began to try to unlock it with leaves etc. I thought that I was observing the behavior of adults well.

Play with Alexa

I wanted to imitate and play with Alexa. I thought that voice input would become the norm for this generation.


Go up the stairs and play

I started to go up the stairs and play.

Play with sound toys

I like toys with sound, and I started playing in the house.

put a cup over one's mouth and speak out

I started playing with a voice with a cup over my mouth. I think it's interesting to have a voice (* ́ω')

Injuries and illnesses

I have a yellow runny nose.

I had a yellow runny nose and had a fever, so I went to otolaryngology. I sometimes coughed up to see if my runny nose was coming to my throat, and sometimes I got up at night.

pinch one's finger at the nursery school

The carelessness of the nursery teacher stuffed my little finger at the door of the doorway. The nursery school was also quite aware of the problem, but the nurse took me to the hospital. Fortunately, it was good that it was not a big injury, but as a parent, I thought it was scary because it was a difficult part(T_T)

What I bought

Sound sandals

I bought sandals that sounded when I walked, but the sound was louder than I expected, so I didn't use them at all.


What was impressive at the age of 1 year and 4 months was that I was able to do more and more things that I could not do before, such as drinking cups, piling blocks, playing with keyholes, etc. I'm amazed at the child's ability to observe and grow quickly.

Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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