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Impressions of using the babysitter kids line

Good evening, I'm Yuya @child-rearing daddy. The other day, because a corona-positive person occurred, the nursery school was closed, so I talked about using a babysitter using a grant from Kita Ward.

This time, I will share my impressions of actually using the kids line of babysitter.

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I can't leave it to you with peace of mind.

This time, as far as I know, there were three cases that I felt dangerous. The first point is when you go out for a walk. My child has a strong inquisitive mind, and when he goes outside, he runs everywhere while shouting, and there are quite a few scenes that are dangerous if he does not hold hands. Because there was no understanding of such a situation, my child who had gone out of the house dashed out, left the babysitter, and ran away. There are not many dangerous things in front of the house, but when I was able to do this on the road, I felt a sense of crisis that it was out. The second point is when you come back from a walk. My child still can not go down the stairs well, but perhaps because this situation was not able to understand, it seems that he did not follow up under the stairs firmly (I think this is generally done ...), and an accident occurred that the stairs were rolled down positively. Fortunately, the hit place was good, and it seems that there was nothing indescribable, but is this person okay to see this situation? I had a question. The third point was when I was playing on the slide of my house. My child is still not used to playing on the slide and tends to do quite dangerous things. In the situation where I was watching such a child from a distance, I felt danger to it, and said that I should follow him nearby. Was it a little strange why you thought you wouldn't have an accident? I wonder if I'm overprotected? Anyway, when using a babysitter, I felt that it was scary to leave it to people who do not know the character, how to play, and habits of the child.

There are rules that I'm not sure about.

I talked about having a lunch break, but in principle, he said that he had to accompany the child within the time. I think that it is probably a discount measure, but lunch was very awkward. After that, my child likes to eat long noodles, but there seems to be a rule that the noodles have to be cut and eaten, and my child was eating rice a little disappointingly. It may be safer to cut it, but I thought that it was not necessary to cut it.


This time, I described my impressions of using the babysitter kids line. I think it depends on the person who entrusts it, but I thought it was scary to use a babysitter for a moment after all. And I thought that the same person would be good if I used it by all means. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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