Is the salvation when the nursery school is closed in Corona a babysitter? The conditions and conditions of babysitting are different for each municipality!

Good evening is Yuya @child-rearing daddy personality. What to do if your child's nursery school is closed this time? I will describe the point.


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Can you surpass it with paid when you are closed at a nursery school in Corona? Can I have a babysitter?

Just the other day, the nursery school was closed for a week because there was a corona-positive person at the nursery school where my child goes. I have to watch my child at home, but I have to ask for a babysitter to take a day off in my house. Kindergarten children who go to nursery school may get sick leave once a month (2 to 5 days), and their children are regularly absent from illness so as not to leak to this example, so I want to save my parents' paid as much as possible. However, I had never asked for a babysitter, and when I felt that the expenses were a little disgusting, I found that there was a system where subsidies were issued in the country and local governments for babysitters.

Babysitting has a subsidy system depending on the local government, but the contents are different, so please check

Kita-ku, Tokyo, where I live, seems to receive a grant of 2,250 yen per hour. However, I also examined other wards for reference, but since such subsidies do not come out in Sumida Ward, I thought that the ease of using babysitting would change depending on the district where I live. With this result, if it is about 2,250 yen, if you look for it with Poppins Sitter or something, it will come out quite a bit, so when I tried to ask here, the problem that the target of the grant is not a qualified business operator of ACSA was discovered. In order to obtain a subsidy, it is said that it must be not a business operator designated by Kita-ku, and according to mama's research, there are only 4 companies.

It is difficult to decide whether to use a babysitter.

However, the use of babysitting is based on the assumption that your child is not in close contact or positive of corona. My child was coughing suspiciously, but the notification email from the nursery school says that the contact of the rich contact person will be sequentially done, but it is a text that will be the worst week later. When I heard that it took about 3 days when it was a story of a mom friend, I can not use a babysitter if it is positive for corona or in the case of a rich contact person, and it seems to be severe to ask in this state even if it is unknown. You're on your own? Because the child had a fever of 38 °C, I was able to receive PCR, is it safe? I found it negative and decided to use a babysitter.


Impressions of using babysitter for the first time

It's tough if your child is corona positive.

My family got through like this, but my mom friend in the neighborhood turned positive for my child. Although he had a fever, he recovered well, but he could not go to nursery school for three weeks after recovery, and parents and siblings were treated as rich contacts, and they could not help taking a leave for a while, and it seems that the whole family is nesting for the next two weeks. Somehow, on the premise that there is no corona infection of infants until now, this problem did not surface because there were few cases as in this premise, but I think that the number of families who are troubled at a stretch in this case has increased. I would like the government to take care of this point as well.


This time, if your child's nursery school is closed in Corona, there is a babysitter as an option, and depending on the municipality, there is a subsidy, so it is good to use it! The story was the main point. If your child's nursery school is closed, please refer to it! That's it, and this time it's up to here. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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