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Why are there so few infant corona cases detected?

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Good evening, I'm a daddy of yuya @ 1 year and 7 months old infant. This time, we will talk about the reason why the number of corona cases detected in infants is small.

The nursery school is closed in corona, and my child is in a suspicious state of coughing

The day before I posted this article, the nursery school where my child goes to was closed due to corona-positive people. And my child had been coughing with a smile since five days before that, and had a slight fever. Until the nursery school was closed, I thought it was just a cold or a second RS virus infection, but I think my child suffers from corona because of this situation? The doubts intensified.

Few clinics can perform PCR testing

So, in case of taking a PCR test, I investigated various things ...

It was like, and I found that there is a situation where PCR inspection itself is difficult to receive in the first place.


Because of these circumstances, I thought that there might actually be a considerable number of corona-infected infants because the corona-affected patients of infants were not detected so much. 【P.S.A.:After this, my child had a fever of 38 °C, so pcr test was taken and diagnosed as negative. It was good, but what is this fever (; ́.ω.)RS?


How did you babysit at home when the nursery was closed?
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