Report on the use of crossdine buffet at Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro

Good evening, it's yuya. Last weekend, it was mom's birthday, so I wanted to eat a buffet at a hotel somewhere. So, I hurriedly found out that "All Day Dining Crossdyne - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro" was doing a buffet, so I will report the results of using it!



Corona ravages make buffet impossible [/st-under-t color="#bb1542"]


Even corona ravages can buffet

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who want to use buffet in Ikebukuro
  • Those who are looking for a restaurant in Ikebukuro that can be used with children
  • Those who want to use the buffet even in Corona Disaster

How to book an all-day dining Crossdyne buffet

Reservations can be made from hotel metroporitan's website. For the course I used at home, I booked the course from 11:30 on the next holiday.

  • 【Hokkaido Fair】Lunch Buffet ★ Holiday Adult 100-minute system ★x2, ¥3,900
  • 【Hokkaido Fair】Lunch Buffet ★ Holiday Infants under 3 years old 100 minutes system ★x1, ¥0

It was very nice to see people under 3 years old free of charge. Reservations were possible even the night before, so perhaps there are not many customers now, partly because of the declaration of a state of emergency.

How to get to All Day Dining Crossdyne - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro

All Day Dining Crossdyne - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro is located about 5 minutes from the west exit of JR Ikebukuro Station. I think that Google Map does not work very well in the station, so when you exit the ticket gate, I think it is good to aim for LUMINe first and go up to the ground by escalator or elevator from there. Once outside, you can reach it in 2-3 minutes on foot. Hotel Metropolitan is a big hotel, and the name is written with a bassit, so I wonder if it is not too lost. Crossdine is located on the 1st floor of the hotel, so I think you can see the store as soon as you get to the hotel.

Interior of the shop

The interior of the shop is like this.

the table was large and well spaced. On the other hand, it was too vacant to serve food to children (^^;

Wear vinyl gloves for buffet access

As a measure against corona, it was a rule to wear vinyl gloves whenever you go to get food at the buffet. At this time, the following touchless air glove dispenser was installed, and it was impressive that there was a mechanism to make it easy to wear vinyl gloves touchless and quickly. It's stressful if it gets crowded here. Touchless Aero glove dispenser (for PE gloves)

Course content

Buffet content

If you write down what you remember in the contents of the buffet, it looks like this.

  • Salad
  • Fruit My child ate about ten grapes. It was hard to peel and take seeds because I ate it at a great speed (^^;
  • Sweets There were chocolate cakes with castella, melon jelly, soy milk panna cotta, Mont Blanc tart, fruit tart and nuts.
  • The drink drink corner is a yearless drink machine and iced coffee and iced tea are provided, and there are not so many types, but I thought that it was good that it was difficult to get crowded because there were two places.
  • Sushi The only types were tuna and salmon, but it was delicious.
  • Alcohol Alcohol was not served at the bar under the declaration of a state of emergency.
  • In addition, there were various menus such as tempura, curry, soba, miso soup, pizza, roast beef, etc. All of them were delicious, but roast beef was very delicious with horseradish (horseradish) (^^♪ I think I'll procure horse wasabi next time!

Fixed menu

In addition to the buffet, steamed tea bowls and seafood rice bowls were served on a separate menu. Both were delicious (^^♪ I forgot to take a picture.


When I wrote that I used it for mom's birthday celebration in the special notes column at the time of reservation, I was able to offer a cake as a surprise at the end (^^♪


When I tried using the buffet of "All Day Dining Crossdyne - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro", the restaurant side is devising ways to reduce the stress of users while suppressing infection so as not to give in to corona. I had given up on buffets since the corona disaster, but this time I was happy to be able to use it. If you are interested, please use it by all means because it is recommended! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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