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Google Scholar is a great way to find references

Good evening, Yuya @lifehackblogger. Today, I'd like to introduce Google Scholar, which is useful for finding references that are important for writing health-related articles.

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who are writing health-related articles
  • Those who are looking for references

Significance of describing references

Before we talk about Google Scholar, I will tell you why references are important. When Google evaluates health articles, eat is called Expertise ( professional); Authoritativeness (authoritative); It emphasizes the authority standard that takes the initials of Trustworthiness . That's for that, and if unreliable information like someone's fantasies about human health or something they hear from you attracts a lot of traffic, users won't know what to believe. Therefore, in order to deliver the correct information to internet readers, it is necessary to post an EAT that is only recognized by Google. It may be a title or a number of backlinks, but it is also this factor that you cite a proper reference. In that sense, it is important to properly describe references.

What is Google Scholar?

So, I'll explain what Google Scholar is, but this is what Google Scholar itself defines is the best, so I'll explain it in the quote on the Google Scholar help page.

Google Scholar provides an easy way to search a wide range of academic literature. Search for articles, papers, books, summaries, court opinions, and more from academic publishers, professional associations, online repositories, universities, and other websites from one place. Google Scholar helps you find research related to academic research around the world. Quote:

In this way, it is a mechanism that can search a wide range of documents. When I was a university student and researched in 2002-2006, I was told to quote the literature from a book in the library because the literature on the Internet was all liar. In this modern age, I imagine that it is rather a book, and because information is old, the literature is pulled from such a place.

How to use Google Scholar

In Google Scholar, you can search with any word as you would on Google normally. You can also do like and search by dividing keywords by spaces. When looking for a paper, Japanese is not enough, so it is easy to find the literature you are looking for by searching for what you want to look up into the English translation as the official language.

Search criteria function is convenient

When looking for papers, there are many old ones whose effectiveness is low. Because, there are new papers that overturn old papers. It's not good for me to use old papers and write the wrong story, and I don't think it's good for people who watch blogs based on this. In order to avoid this situation, it is convenient to filter by time or sort by date.


This time, I talked about google scholars being useful for searching for references when writing articles on health systems. When writing an article on health, please refer to it by all means! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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