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I went to afternoon tea at ZATTA at Hilton Tokyo.

2020, 9, 11,

Do you like afternoon tea?

I went to hilton Tokyo afternoon tea to celebrate my daughter-in-law's birthday, so I will introduce the situation and impressions with many photos!

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I went to afternoon tea at ZATTA at Hilton Tokyo.

Reservations on Saturdays and Sundays are a high hurdle

Mom's birthday was Saturday, and when I tried to make a reservation about a week ago, it was already full and I couldn't make a reservation. I made a reservation on a weekday because I could make a reservation on a weekday Friday the day before crying. And there were quite a few people on weekdays, not that.

How to get to Hilton Tokyo

The access method that I actually walked and confirmed is the following two points

  • West exit of JR Shinjuku Station: Just over a 10-minute walk away. Shinjuku Station is easy to get lost, so I think that it is better to come to the store with plenty of time for the first time.
  • Tochomae Station on the Toei Oedo Line: It is about a 3-minute walk away.

  • If you are considering other means of access, please refer to the official page. I will post the image for reference at the entrance of Hilton Tokyo.


There were various seats such as counter seats that seemed to surround the bar and table seats by the window. I told them at the time of reservation that we were accompanied by a baby, but there was a sofa seat on the corner and it was very comfortable.

Afternoon Tea Menu

The plan I chose this time was a course called "Petit Boulangerie". This course is a menu with salad, soup and drinks in addition to two types of sweets other than "savory sandwich" and "dessert bread". I will explain each menu in detail!!

Savory & Sandwich

There were five types of savoury and sandwiches:

  1. The sandwich of prosciutto and Gruyère cheese Is French bread, so it had a hard impression, but it was delicious.
  2. Fig, Gorgonzola cheese and curly sandwich The most delicious of this menu was this sandwich. Figs, Gorgonzola cheese and curlys were in harmony, and it was so delicious!
  3. Vieno sandwich of crab and cucumber matcha Why is the bread green when I am eating it? I was talking like that, but I later looked at the menu and found out that it was matcha. It is the one that it does not understand even if it eats (; ^ ω^)
  4. Rossini burger with beef fillet, foie gras and truffle sauce, and it was also delicious because it was decorated with two kinds of the world's three biggest delicacies.
  5. Focaccia of seasonal vegetables Each vegetable was properly processed and delicious.

What is savoury?[ st-kaiwa8] [/st-kaiwa8]

means snacks, meaning synonyms for sweets

Salads and soups

The salad was light and there was no surprise, but the red petit petit (pink pepper?). I felt that the taste was upgraded. I wanted to try it at home next time. The soup was sweet and delicious with pumpkin soup.

Dessert Bread

  1. Kugrov There was quite a amount, and Mama-chan left w
  2. Churros & Chocolate Jam It was strange that the chocolate was not solid ('ω') When I asked Mama,
  3. Mango Vanilla Danish
  4. Sainte-Nordenish
  5. It seems to mean puydamur fountain of love. It tasted unalegable. (It was usually delicious)
  6. Banana Bread Caramelized
  7. Strawberry fruit sandwich Instead of eating separately, it is delicious when eaten in one bite.
  8. Raspberry Danish

All of them were delicious, but I did not know which one W↓ gallery matched the photos I took and the menu.

Drink Selection

I didn't know the rules well because I went to afternoon tea for the first time, but the drinks on the basic menu are all-you-can-drink. There are three categories of drinks, ICE DRINK, HOT DRINK and COFFEE, and I chose 4 types from HOT and COFFEE because sweets are basically people who want to enjoy together with hot tea.

  • Assam Tea
  • Passion Fruit Tea
  • Lychee Red Tea
  • Coconut Latte

The most delicious was lychee red tea, which went well with sweets and I was able to enjoy a good aroma.

The pot and glasses were stylish. The glass was double-glazed and I could have it without any problems even if I made hot tea ('ω')

Presence or absence of nursing facilities

There was no nursing facility in Hilton Tokyo, but when I checked with the hotel staff, they temporarily lent me the vacant room. I felt that the service was very good.

Time and price

It was a two-hour system, and it was 9,944 yen plus tax 904 yen to 4,000 yen x 2 + service charge 1040 yen per person in the last order of drinks in 90 minutes after the start (*). I was able to use a comfortable space, food and drinks were good, so I felt more than the price! Is the sense of money a little maly (; ^ω^)? I want to believe that there is no such thing w ※ The price is as of 2020/9/11, so there may be a change in the store policy, so please refer to


This time, I reported on afternoon tea held at zatta in Hilton Tokyo, how was it? Personally, it was quite satisfying, so it is recommended. If you are interested, please try it! That's it, and this time it's up to here. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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