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Introduction of "2ch's little scary story addicted to Youtube

2021, 10, 7,

Have you ever been absorbed in YouTube?

Recently, I was absorbed in the video of "A little scary story delivered on 2ch" on YouTube. This time, I would like to introduce some of the most interesting ones.

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What is a 2ch summary video?

What a 2ch summary video is to explain in 2ch by excerpting what has become a hot topic in the thread posted on 2ch so far.

Basically, the story progresses with the interaction with the 2ch residents, starting with trouble consultations and reports from "Itch", which was the first to write as the thread lord.

There are various contents from creations to real experience ones, but in any case, 2ch unique interactions are interesting and many are drawn in.

Recommended "2ch summary video" addicted to Youtube

Among the videos I actually watched, I will introduce the videos that I rated highly divided into three types: (1) interesting stories, (2) mysterious stories, and (3) stories drawn into the story.


Principle is a bit scary, so I recommend not seeing anyone say that's not the case

(1) Interesting stories

Sniping yakuza with an airgun → became an outrageous fuss...

Itch's tightness was very interesting.

Legendary horror sle "Non-existent Inn" where "only one photo" was controversial

It was a video that I thought was amazing that I could identify where I took it from just one photo rather than falling.

A strange incident of the century that shook 2ch "The house collapsed because of a certain thing"

It's basically a scary story, but the story that wanders in between was an interesting story.

(2) Mysterious stories

The story introduced here is a story of knowing that the fact and the fact are combined.

"Only one post" is a controversial and deep dark thread "I don't understand the meaning at all"

It was interesting that it was interesting to understand that the content of Itch's speech and behavior, which was talking about something meaningless, was linked to another fact.

True story: A strange incident of the century that actually occurred in 2ch "The story of a certain hotel man"

I thought that this story was a story that could happen not only for hotelmen.

(3) Stories drawn into the story

The biggest and most bad story in history to be handed down as "The Legend of 2ch" "I decided to do a part-time job that sinks xx"

This story was very drawn in because the story was excellent. Recommended for those who like biohazard.

[2ch legend sle] I saw hell when I thought that she of a beautiful person could do with a huge ○. [Scary Sle]

There is a huge circle in the title, but it is not erotic, and this is also a content that is quite drawn in.

Trauma-inexplicable most feared incident that actually occurred in 2ch "I got a strange letter in the post"

It was a story that I thought that stalking was scary.

[2ch scary sle] the end of the sle lord who invaded the dark web was too bad ... "I've seen the depths of the net, but please ask someone" [Slow commentary]

It was a video that I learned that the dark web is such a scary thing.


In addition to the video introduced this time, I saw various stories, but it was somewhat addictive and I wanted to see more and more other stories. It is good for killing time, but if you watch too much, you will be a little scared, and there is an aspect that gets sick, so I thought that browsing attention was careful in that sense.

Thank you for browsing. Bye bye(^^)/

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