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"Delta strains have a higher infection mortality rate when vaccinated" is mislead! ? Let's watch the statistics properly without being danced by the title.

2021, 8, 31,

Good evening, yuya @ survey like personality. Today, I understand the feeling of risky vaccination, but I will talk about watching the statistics correctly.

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Is the mortality rate higher when vaccinated delta strains?

  1. Recently, a Youtuber has expressed the view that aspiring vaccine second inoculaters is 6.3 times higher than non-ingestions, based on a report on the death toll in Delta strains from British health disorders as of June18, 2021. For those who advocate vaccine hazards, it is a good subject to fuel the anti-vaccine movement. If you take this story truly, "Did you get the mortality rate because you vaccinated?" and "Isn't it better not to get vaccinated?" I'm going to interpret it like that. But I think this is nothing more than just a mislead. This view does not take the age distribution into account. 2021.10.20 Added: I was introducing a video, but the link was erased because "This video cannot be played"was displayed and deleted.

The result changes when the age distribution is added.

Since corona has a higher risk of death as it gets older, it is a standard process to proceed with vaccination sequentially from the elderly, and not only Japan but also the UK are promoting vaccination in this order. Considering this process, age can be biased into vaccination or not, as shown in the following points.


Vaccine 2nd inoculater = High rate of elderly people with high mortality Vaccinated non-inoculated = High percentage of young people with low mortality
If statistics are given by taking this age distribution into account, the mortality rate should not have increased because the vaccine was vaccinated. There was a similar story in the past, and from the view that the mortality rate of cancer in Japan is increasing compared to other countries, there has been discussions on whether or not anticancer drugs should be asked, such as "anticancer drug treatment should not be treated" and "anticancer drug treatment should not be done". This view was actually interpreted as not to put the axis of age, but when age was centered, the mortality rate of cancer was rather decreasing from the flat, and barren discussions were born.

The dangers of vaccination are understandable.

However, I understand the complaints of people who consider vaccination dangerous. It is unusual for vaccine approval to come down at such a rapid pace, and the situation where billions of vaccines are produced at such a rapid pace is unusual, and I do not know under what kind of management such a large amount of vaccine was created in any country. The vaccine, which is said to be 4,000 yen per bottle, will be producing huge special demand, so some people may be planning to do something wrong with injustice or hollowing out. In fact, I think that it is appropriate to doubt because the story such as the foreign matter mixing in the vaccine has come to light recently. However, I wonder how to misinterpret data in my own convenient interpretation.


I can understand the dangers of Delta strains and vaccines, but I wanted to say that it would be dangerous to misinterpret data to justify that opinion. I collect information that is in line with my thoughts, and I say that the habit of thinking that advances the interpretation in a convenient wind is a confirmation bias, but in this era everyone needs attention because it is a bias that is easy for everyone to fit.

By the way, the first M DOCTOR Youtuber I introduced had uploaded a video from this paper that complained about the dangers of vaccine trials. The paper was misinterpreted and the video was erased due to a large number of comments. And maybe because there was a comment that I should look at it by age, I was reporting by age in another video after this. 2021.10.20 Added: I also introduced a video, but the link was erased because "This video can not be played"was displayed and deleted. In the era of VUCA, where change is accelerating, the knowledge and experience of experts has become obsolete. Even if it is the content of the transmission of the professional of the title that can be trusted, let's also make a habit of distinguishing the truth by oneself because there are many things that are wrong! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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