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"Custom message" and "opening sentence" were important when posting automatically on SNS

2020, 3, 24,

How important are custom messages, hashtags, and opening sentences when posting a blog? As a result of verification, I finally found this, so I will share it!

So I will share them! Until now, when I was embarrassed to post an article, I could not use "custom message", "meta description", and "excerpt", and set the same content. We will introduce the results of re-examining how each setting is displayed in SNS and Google search results.

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About "Custom Messages", "Meta Descriptions" and "Excerpts"

Before verification, "Custom Messages", "Meta Descriptions" and "Excerpts" in WordPress are briefly introduced. I operated in the old editor without moving to Gutenberg (Gutenberg). The custom message input field is shown on the right side of the old editor, similar to the following image.

On the other hand, meta descriptions and excerpts are entered at the bottom of the post.

For this input field, I posted with sentences starting with [Custom message], [Meta Description], [Excerpt], respectively.

Display on SNS

View on Facebook

Validation result

  • Custom messages and body introductions are pops up
  • Hashtags are enabled
  • The featured image is not displayed immediately after posting, but it was displayed after leaving a while.

View on Twitter

Validation result

  • Only custom messages are displayed
  • Hashtags are enabled
  • The eye-catching image is also displayed properly (the top and bottom are shaved)

View on LinkedIn

Validation result

  • Custom messages and body introductions are pops up
  • Hashtags are enabled
  • The featured image is not displayed. I'll try to check it out at a later time.

View on Instagram

Validation result

  • The WP Instagram plugin's Custom Message and the introduction part of the body (200 characters specified by plugin) are displayed in a sloppy way. It seems that it is easier to understand the contents by displaying only Custom Message.
  • Hashtags are enabled
  • The featured image is displayed neatly.

Show in search results on Google

The domain power is not strong enough to immediately get caught in Google search, so I examined it in an article that has already been indexed.

Then... So what was it showing? As for that, the second document and later from the beginning of the blog were extracted and displayed. Google seems to be making excerpts by reading the contents of the article without permission.


What I found out as a verification result is ...,what you have to worry about how it is displayed on SNS is "custom message", "beginning of the body", "hashtag".

  • Custom messages are the best part of attracting customers on SNS, and if you want to automatically link to all SNS, it seems good to match Twitter with a character limit. Don't forget the hashtags.
  • The first sentence is not a case of writing "Good evening", but it is better to write what the article introduces.
  • I didn't know where "meta descriptions" and "excerpts" are used. Next time, I will investigate where it is used.

It is a poor survey article, but thank you for browsing to the end. So, then(^^)/

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