What made me think from the commonality of universal 25 and modern society in the utopian experiment of rats

2021, 10, 29,

Do you know UNIVA 25?

This is an experiment in which the progress was observed as a utopia for rats, giving them an environment where there were no natural enemies and no inconveniences to eat and live, and when we conducted this experiment 25 times, the rat society collapsed and the rat became extinct.

This time, I will share that there were quite a lot in common between the collapse period and modern society in this UNIX 25 experiment, and there were things that made me think.

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What is UNIVERSE 25?

Universe 25 stories are summarized by various people, so this time I will quote this. The conditions and progress of the universe 25 experiment are as follows:

If mice are fed with enough food and water, disease is prevented, and living in an environment free of natural enemies, how will the population increase and what behavioral patterns will create society? Universe 25 was an experiment in which such an environment was created, a large-scale and artificial "world" was built, and a mouse was released there. John B. Calhoun continued to observe mice for more than five years. The experiment began with a large 2.57-meter-square cage in a room with adequate temperature and humidity, and four pairs of healthy mouse pairs (21 days old). Various ingenuity was given to make it easier for them to live in the cage, and the nesting materials were supplied infinitely. The "mouse population" in the cage, which was the first eight, continued to increase steadily to the mouse formula, and about seven months later, the number of parent mice had increased to about 470. However, the way of increasing after that begins to increase slowly, and unexpected unnatural changes in the behavior pattern of the mouse come to be seen. Universe 25 had 256 nesting spaces in the cage that could comfortably accommodate 15 mice. In a normal way, it seems to be distributed on average in each nesting space, but this is not the case, and 13 individuals lived in depopulated areas and 111 individuals, about eight times as many as in the most overcrowded areas. The mouse usually acts alone one by one, but somehow, in the overcrowded region, everyone came to go to the place all at the same time. The mouse eating alone was uneasy, and eventually he began to head to the feeding place crowded with many people. Mice originally have territories, communicate with other individuals through territorial behavior, and live a "disciplined" life, but from the time the rate of increase decreases, mice that do not have territories have gradually emerged. Their males became inactive "withdrawn" in the center of the floor, which would otherwise be shunned. Withdrawn mice avoided actively engaging with other individuals and were no longer targeted by other mice, but sometimes maliciously attacked other associates. Moreover, the female who did not have territory became "Withdrawn" state in a high area which was usually sure to avoid, and came to live only as hickey without making the child. What happened to mice other than "withdrawal"? In the mouse society, it is usually the role of males to protect territories, and it is the role of females to protect and raise children. However, the female came to take over the role of the male at this stage. The female also goes out to a social action which defends territory, comes to attack other individuals, and the aggression comes to face even the child gradually. The child is attacked by his mother, hurt and forced to leave the nest earlier than it should. The child who had been driven out often ended up becoming "Withdrawn" mouse. Originally, the female takes the action to protect the child when the danger is sensed, and carries the child to a safe place. However, the mother mouse at this social developmental stage dropped the child on the way of carrying it for some reason or only I came to move disregarding the child. Most of the abandoned young mice were abandoned and eventually eaten by other mice. Not only the above-mentioned abnormality of growth but also the pregnancy rate fell, and the birth rate of the entire mouse decreased rapidly as the miscarriage rate rose. The behavior of the male who did not have "Territory" became abnormal more and more. Courtship behavior in the mouse society is determined, and mice in nature act according to its rules. The male mouse follows when there is a favorite female, and when the female enters her nest, it waits for the female to come out while taking courtship action near the entrance. However, the number of males who ignored the courtship rules begins to increase, and when the female enters the nest, a stalker mouse appears that follows and enters together. Abnormal mice also begin to appear, taking mating behavior to unmatured females and mating to males. And after 560 days, the population of mice suddenly stops growing. As infant mortality rates soar and society ages rapidly, the number of deaths at last exceeds the number of births on the 600th day. The last pregnancy was confirmed on the 920th day, but it was not born. The 122 aging mice (100 females and 22 males) who survived later died on the 1780th day, and the last males died, and the rest was just waiting for their destruction. Quote: Everything is going well! Harmony of light and heart

If the video is more easy to understand, Naokiman's video can be used as a reference.

What modern society and UNIVER 25 have in common

As I mentioned at the beginning, what I thought after knowing this story is that there are many things in common with this rat modern society. The following seven points are common just by me noticing.

  1. An environment where there are no natural enemies and food and housing are plentiful
  2. The speed of population growth The human population is rising at a tremendous rate. As I checked before, it has increased by 1.5 times in just under 40 years since I was born in 1982.
  3. The gap has occurred that the top 26 of the world's richest people have the same amount of assets as half of the population, 3.6 billion.
  4. It came to take a group action The rat which originally performed a single action was driven by uneasiness or it decided to take a group action.
  5. Stalkers are now born.
  6. homosexuality has come to be born
  7. Population growth stops.
  8. Aging has progressed.

Is humanity entering the collapse phase?

And what is scary isthat in UNIVERSE 25, the abnormal behavior of rats that began to occur during the collapse phase when the population of rats increased has already occurred in modern society.

This fact should not seem to suggest that we humans are on the verge of perishing. ..

I understand the feelings of those who are worried about this situation and are trying to make a great reset to reduce the human population.


This time, I shared my impressions of UNIVERSE 25. What makes us different from rats is that they have much more advanced technology and culture than rats.

I think that it is possible to make good use of this in order not to step on the same rut as the collapse which occurred in the society of the rat.

Personally, my thinking is very leap-forward, but in a capitalist society, we can't help but follow the same rut as rats, and in order for humanity to escape from collapse, I think it is necessary to make a breakthrough to the next ideology, a value-based society.

Thank you for browsing.

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