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I wanted to know sooner! SNS linkage of public size sharing can be set up by multiple accounts

2020, 5, 31,

Do you properly link blog articles to SNS?

On the right side of the public field on the WordPress post screen, you'll see the option to share to four social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Although it is sharing to this SNS, I was convinced that only one account can be set per SNS, but I found that I could set multiple accounts when I tried! Some people may not know, so I will share it!

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What is public size sharing?

When I say where the public size sharing is, it is this part that is displayed in the public column on the right side of the posting screen.

What this function is is a function that automatically posts to the relevant SNS when you post an article.

How to display an SNS account in a public size share

In order to display the SNS account in this part, it is necessary to set the linkage setting of the relevant SNS in Jetpack. As a procedure, click "Settings" in the Jepack column as shown on the following screen, and on

the sharing tab, click "Connect social media accounts".

Then, the marketing and integration screen will open, and click Link.

This is the point. I was convinced that there was only one account that I could set up here, but in fact I can link multiple accounts as follows.

What exactly will it look like?

How the above settings are reflected in the public size sharing field will be reflected in which account you work with with the checkbox as follows:

Recently, Twitter has been making key aka for bots and for Nishino Entertainment Institute, and has operated 4 accounts. I wanted to switch between Twitter accounts depending on what I posted, so I found this feature very useful.


If you did not know or have not yet operated SNS cooperation, please try it! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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