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How to adopt Twitter bot

2019, 10, 14,

Google's recent core update has reduced the number of visits to this blog. In the future, I think that the number of accesses will move up and down due to Google's algorithm change. As for this blog, I want to stably send information to many people, so I felt that I did not have a heart that I just rely on organic search for inflow leads. As a blog operator, if your child's article isn't read by readers, it's the same as abandoning childcare. Therefore, we learned from the company that the strategy of omnichannelization is taken from various media to comprehensively, and we have decided to disseminate information in various media. The start is Twitter. I tried Twitter bots, so I will introduce its know-how.

Common sense metabolic point

Old common sense

Attracting customers is organic search oriented

New common sense

Attracting customers is distributed by omnichannel (= various channels) google search + α (SNS)

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who want to increase access to blogs other than organic search
  • People who want to send information on Twitter

Generate tweets

Since it was troublesome to generate hashtags, I created a tweet draft using Excel.

Use Excel to generate hashtags

Manage the URL (slug), category, introduction, hashtag, etc. of the blog you want to post in Excel separately in columns. All that remains is to connect them in Excel. Put "CHAR (10)" where you want to put the newline code, and format the sentence to tweet as follows.

Twitter has a 140-character limit, so I generated sentences while worrying about that. If this tweet sentence can be done, I think that there is no loss to make it because it is applied to information transmission even on other SNS. As a side effect, in order to summarize the blog, it led to a review of the rewrite and excerpt sentences of each article.

Bot selection

When creating twitter bots, there were websites that provided APIs and bot services. We will introduce the selection process.

Twitter API

First of all, in addition to the Twitter bot element, various things can be done and it seems to be able to play, so I applied with twitter's official API. The application was done referring to this site.

what's annoying is what you use the API for? The part that is asked such a thing. Why I have to enter in English w So I used a translation site to culture the things I wanted to do.
Pupper-kun, translate this! "I want to give as many people as possible my blog posts and useful know-how and perspectives that change common sense, and for this purpose, I'll post articles I've blogged so far with bots using this API."
what's like this? 「I want to give as many people as possible my own blog posts and useful know-how and perspectives that change common sense. For this purpose, I will post articles posted on my blog so far with a bot using this API.」

Figure: Input screen for twitterdeveloper labs use twitter API

I will enter as shown in the figure above.

Pupper-kun, this is also hello! "First, use the Tweet feature to send out the articles you post on your blog, if the retweet feature is available, try it."
, write it yourself properly w "First of all, I will use the tweet to function guide the articles posted on my blog. If the retweet function is available, I will try it."
The examination seems to take about 7 days, so I will add again how the result was. While waiting for the results, try other tools.

Selection of tweet creation bot service

We will select a service in order to create a tweet bot.

「Auto Tweet!」 It looks good
I can't log in because of a strange error!
There seems to be a tool called "Makebot"!
service is stopped!
"twittbot" is a tricky one, how about this?
This seems to be usable! ! I decided to use "twittbot" with

How to use twittbot

It's really easy, but I'll show you an image of how to use tiwttbot.

Figure: Twittbot bot generation service screen

You can register up to 700 Tweets as shown above. Here, we will register the tweets introduced above. Up to 700 articles can be sent out, so it's too much.

Figure: Twittbot advanced setting screen

On the screen in the figure above, you can control the timing and order of sending registered Tweets on this screen. If you turn 100 posts in 6 hours, it will take 25 days with 4 posts a day, and if you turn them in 3 hours, it will be 12.5 days. Let's form a bot with the feeling of circling around here.

What is the effect of bots?

I still don't know, buton the first day there were about 4 inflows from Twitter. From the next day onwards, it is like 1-2 cases at a time. I don't know if it will work, but I hope it will catch the eye of many people. In the articles I read recently, it seems that both sending from 10,000 followers and sending out from 50 followers will spread.

, so wait for the article or your account to spread steadily.


I tried to make a Twitter bot like this. I will customize various things and report it again when I know if there is an effect. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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