Report on Hakata Ramen "Tsuyamaru" in Nakano

2021, 11, 4,

I found a Hakata ramen shop near Nakano Station, so I rushed in! Its name is glossy.

I will report because I used this shop where the name is a little difficult to read for lunch on weekdays!

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"Tsuyamaru" is located in a shopping street that gets off the north exit of Nakano Station, and can be accessed about 3 minutes on foot from the ticket gate.

Scenes from the shop

The inside of the shop was a counter, and as you can see in the photo, there were no more than 10 seats.

Considering the salaried workers, I thought it was good that there was a coat to hang shelves and jackets.

In addition, I thought that hospitality to customers was good because you can get an apron and wet towel.

Covid-19 Countermeasures

However, there was no countermeasure against COVID-19, depending on the timing when I visited, which was less than 10 new people in Tokyo in November 1, 2021.

If you are worried, be careful.


There is a ticket vending machine in the figure below on the left hand side when entering the store.

You don't have to order replacement balls unless you're a big eater, because the replacement ball is free once.

I guessed that the upper left would be the most confident work, so I ordered "Dokkanmaru"!

Ramen Repo

  • Soup: Soup is nothing but the taste of normal Hakata ramen.
  • Noodles: you can choose various hardness.
  • Roasted pork fillet: There were two kinds of char pork on board, and the boiled-in-the-corner guy was delicious.
  • Boiled egg: It was a slightly lightly boiled egg.
  • Other: There was a green onion and Wood ear and a little finely chopped menma

As in the case of a substitute ball, sesame, pepper, red ginger, garlic, takana on the table for taste change? There was such.


When people say that it is delicious, it is normal. However, it was a shop where you can eat Hakata ramen properly.


This time, I have used the glossy in Nakano. If you want to have lunch quickly in Nakano or want to eat Hakata ramen, I think it is a good idea to use it!

Thank you for visiting my article.

See you again(^^)/

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