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RAVS Trampoline Report: Returned because of poor quality

2021, 8, 30,

Amazon reviews are becoming unreliable!

The other day, I introduced a trampoline as a recommended item for aerobic exercise, but when I introduced the RAVS trampoline that I purchased to practice the trampoline at home, I thought like this. In this article I will report why I felt that way!

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who want to do highly effective aerobic exercise at home
  • If you are considering buying a ravs trampoline

Why did you introduce a trampoline?

Before introducing the trampoline introduced in our home, I will introduce the reason why I tried to introduce it.

  1. A NASA study shows that it has a 1.7-fold exercise effect than jogging and walking, and a five-minute exercise can burn enough calories to match a 1km jog.
  2. In addition, the vertical movement of the trampoline is one of the few ways that can clean the lymph flow, and various symptoms such as swelling, cold, acne, rough skin, shoulder stiffness, etc. can be prevented and improved due to the stagnation of the lymph flow.
  3. In addition, rhythmic exercise on the trampoline stimulates the brain and makes it easier to secrete a neurotransmitter called serotonin. This serotonin gives mental stability, peace of mind and calmness to relieve stress and improve head rotation.
  4. In addition, trampolines can train inner muscles that are not used in daily life, such as diaphragms, lateral muscles, multi-fissure muscles, pelvic floor muscle groups. These inner muscles help to maintain the correct posture, so they stand about improving posture, including stoop.
  5. In addition, X2 and trampoline strengthen the child's trunk, motor nerves, and reflexes, and have a positive effect on brain development.

Can you see that it has some kind of outrageous effect?

Trampoline examined

Shape Cube

Here, the trampoline that I examined is a trampoline that can be used as a shape cube, an interior that looks like a cushion.

The load capacity here was up to 200 km, and it was easy to carry, so I was worried. However, there was speculation that 20,000 yen was a little expensive and that it was a little too small when I also used it, so I made it the next trampoline.

Foldable trampoline with RAVS railing

The reason why I chose this trampoline is that it comes with not only the foot but also the training tube, it can be folded and stored, and the hand can be trained.

The quality of the goods is poor.

First of all, the impression that touched the trampoline that arrived is heavy! ! It was. I didn't look into it, but it weighed more than 10 kg. At first, it was folded, but it is not very easy to carry.

I lost the bag, and I had the impression that it was very heavy (;' ∀')

And the hard part was opening the trampoline.

  • Since the trampoline is heavy metal and is boring, careful care must be taken not to damage the floor depending on how it is handled.
  • Whether the contact is bad, it does not open in the middle, there is a feeling that seems to break when it gets tired though it is only to open it to force

It was hard, so I thought that there might not be a last folding when I opened it.

Something is a little metal peeled off and w quality poor

After opening the trampoline, the hamstring part is covered with a cover to make it safe, but there is a part where the cover area is insufficient and the hamstring is exposed.

The case that metal can not be covered at all(T_T)


After that, I do not know what the length of the foot is not even or what, but the five legs are not properly grounded and it is rattled. It was written that it has a "soft rubber cap", but The words in the manual were strange.

The warranty regulations are also note that the product does not have a bad review, and you can see the spirit to hide the quality and bad quality.

Satisfied with the results of use

However, the impression that I tried it worked as a trampoline firmly, so I am satisfied with that. My child also enjoyed climbing up and down the trampoline and shaking the trampoline.

It can't be folded unless two people do it, so when it gets in the way, I keep it upright.

Storage is not easy at all(T_T)


This time, as I wrote a report that I bought ravs trampoline, honestly it is terrible quality, so I can not recommend it very much. However, the trampoline itself recommends a non-RAVS trampoline!

Thank you for browsing. Bye bye(^^)/

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