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The moment I was happy to run the blog, it was good

2019, 12, 22,

I run a blog, but thanks to the core updates and so on, I can't seem to get what I want. However, there are many times when I am happy to learn from my blog.

This time, I tried to pick up the moment when I was happy to write a blog. If you are about to start a blog and are stepping on your feet, please refer to it!

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Happy moments of running a blog

I'm running a blog right away, and I'll name the moments I was happy with.

When I saw a search keyword that I think has visited looking for "my article"

With the blog management feature, you can see information about what you were putting in the search engine when you arrive at your blog posts. When you look at this, there are people who type in keywords that are aimed at watching your own articles. When I see this kind of thing, I feel that it was good to write a blog.

Source: WordPress extranet dashboard

management function wo-use ut, blog access Cita route Ga Wakalimas

When your article is quoted on other sites

I've only grasped it two or three times, but I'm happy to see my article quoted.

It can also be seen overseas.

When I saw the search inflow, I had quite a lot of overseas access, so I was happy when I thought that I was able to disseminate my thoughts globally.

Source: WordPress extranet dashboard

I had access from 67 countries. It might be a proxy.

When a reward occurs

You're also happy when rewards occur. Google Adsense and affiliate rewards.

Google AdSense has a tough way to deposit money

Google AdSense is a tough road to getting paid. Therefore, I was happy when the reward occurred. Google Adsense requires you to write a few articles to apply, and you need to have a privacy page in place. This application is usually rejected, so that is the first wall. After that, I tried and tested how to put an advertisement, and I'm a little happy to see the advertisements. Because it is quite difficult in such a way, it is a nice thing when a reward occurs even if it is Adsense 1 yen. It is long until money comes into the bosom first from there w If the reward amount does not reach 8000 yen, the deposit will not occur. If you can clear that as well, the joy is also exceptional. In my case, Google Adsense's income is now about a quarter of PV. So, when PV goes up, it seems to be a good income. Google Adsense's rewards are extremely low hourly at the beginning of the blog launch, so I do not recommend it for those who want to earn unearned income immediately. This is because if you think about the hourly wage, you will spend less than 1 yen. In my case, 8,000 yen is the amount of money you can get if you work 2 hours overtime in the main job, but compared to this it is not done w

Ogan gad shiida Kenara, other Nokotowo Looking for Shitahouga good squidmodes!

If gun

If an affiliate is an affiliate, it is relatively easy to put an advertisement. Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, etc. There was a time when the article which introduced these buzzed once. Iwas glad that this time, more than 100 reward emails were delivered per day.

Image Source: GMail's screen

Although it is a dust product, I felt that it was unearned income that was more than enough if this was made steady because a reward of about 30,000 yen was generated in the amount. From there, it took three months to deposit, so I learned that money did not come in at hand immediately.

funding may be difficult

It was good to run a blog

You can fill in the URL column of the self-introduction

Recently, various SNS have been born, but there is roughly a URL column in the profile column on every SNS, and I think that it was good to make a blog because it can fill there. There are also decorations for self-introductions, but if you have thoughts spelled out on your blog, you don't have to think that you're a person who falls in talking. It tells you what kind of person you are.

Knowledge has increased and taken hold

When you output knowledge, you settle in yourself. In that sense, blogging is nothing more than an output act, so I think that knowledge has taken root comparatively in the process of thinking that information must be arranged in various ways. So did the Teal organization. It was a book that was thick and only about 1 in 50 people finished reading, but it was difficult, but I think that I learned a lot of knowledge when I organized it.


In such a place, this time, I wrote a moment when I was happy to run a blog as I came up with it, and a good thing. I would be happy if I could be a factor in judging people who are thinking of starting a blog. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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