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We drew "Synergy Map" and considered future activity policy.

2020, 6, 17,

Are you able to circulate your energy properly? I'm Yuya @ Self-actualization seeker.

Over the past two to three years, my activities have changed a lot. Looking ahead to the age of 100 years of life, this activity was aimed at giving individuals the power to live and creating a foundation to accomplish what I really wanted to do. As a result, various activities increased, but I felt a sense of problem in the situation where each activity was not circulating well. In order to improve this situation, I decided to organize the current situation with a diagram called synergy map and devise a future activity plan.

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What is Synergy Map?

When "Synergy Map" briefly explains something, it is intended to connect the activities you are active with arrows and grasp the flow of money in the activity, attracting customers, and whether there is synergy. By drawing this, it is possible to visualize the part where the activity does not circulate well and lose energy, and you can formulate a future activity plan. For details, kincon Nishino's video is easy to understand, so please refer to this video.

My current synergy map

When I drew my current synergy map, it looks like this:

This is not a synergy map, but maybe it's called a mind map. Apart from the theoretical approach, my current situation is like this, and I thought that the following two points were taken to name the features.

  1. Quite a few output humans As you can see from the blue output arrows, you can see that they are output humans who output everything in everyday life.
  2. You can see that there is no arrow flowing in to the orange company work that is the source of the flow of money that the flow of money is not circulating well.

Although we are working hard, it can be said that the problem is that the energy in the flow of money does not circulate well.

Future Synergy Map

In order to solve this problem, I drew a synergy map for the future based on the current synergy map.

The main changes from the current situation are the following four points

  1. Changes to monetization points Until now, the place where money is made has depended on company work, but we are thinking of creating monetization points through crowdfunding to break away from it. As for what kind of crowdfunding is based, I would like to raise funds by creating a demand collection matching investment base that I want to do.
  2. Change the positioning of the blog (outgoing of the story = entertainment = do what you really want to do) In order to create investors when doing this crowdfunding, I will send out the thought process, verification status, and documents as content as a challenge to create a demand collection matching investment base. I have felt that a blog that transmits useful information is Red Ocean, and I felt that I wanted to change the rudder from useful information, so I think I will make it entertainment. Recently, note has partnered with Campfire, so I'm thinking of dabbing in notes as well as blogs and guiding duplicates.
  3. Blog content co-creation If you only own ideas and outputs, the content is becoming obsolete, the authority is low, and the power to attract customers is insufficient, so I am going to recruit co-creators who operate blogs. Specifically, I hope that it can be changed to a place where viewers will want to put ideas on board.
  4. Entrepreneurship No matter how hard you work to win trust in your current company work, many of them flow to the company, not privately. In that case, I want to gather trust as much as possible for myself and the active body that I have created because I can see that I will gradually become poor when I move to the future individual era. Since the teal organization is the strongest activity, it is assumed that you will choose the joint company that matches best. If you have 60,000 yen, you can start a business, so I think I will use corona benefits.

Synergy map of myself 5 years ago

For reference, I recalled my synergy map about 5 years ago and drew it.

You can see that there is not much activity and you do not need to draw synergy maps w and you can see that money flows into gambling, falls, and has fallen into desperation. Compared to this time, it is very decent now, and I can be proud of myself somehow. However, I was satisfied at this time. I can't express it in this diagram, but in my previous job, I was fused with the company, and the results of my activities were circulating as further work. I think that I was able to live a work-as-life life that has no boundary between work and life. At present, work and life are divided, so satisfaction with work is quite low.


This time, I introduced my synergy map (mind map), how was it? It is originally used for business, but if you have a wide range of activities, I recommend drawing a synergy map! Your time and energy are finite, so let's work so as not to lose energy like a bucket with a hole! That's it, and this time it's up to here. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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