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Should the Sunshine Aquarium play with other facilities? Impressions of taking the child to the Sunshine Aquarium

2021, 9, 23,

Good evening, I'm Yuya @child-rearing daddy. The other day, I wanted to interact with marine life for a 1-year-old 7-month-old child, so I took him to the Sunshine Aquarium, so I will share my impressions.

This learning point

Because the first area of the Sunshine Aquarium is dark Children tend to be scared

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who want to interact with children with marine life

Features of sunshine aquarium

When it is an aquarium in Tokyo, there is a Sumeda Aquarium where a lot of "Kurage" is exhibited in the Sky Tree and the Shinawa Aquarium where you can see the show of "Iaka" and "Azaashi", but compared to these, the Sunshine Aquarium is not specialized in any type of marine life, and it can be said that it is an aquarium with not much characteristics.

If you force it, sunshine aquarium exists in Ikebukuro in the city center, so there are many other facilities besides the aquarium, so there are various combinations I think that it is possible to play in such a facility. Actually, we used the Sunshine Aquarium this time, but in the afternoon we were able to play in the entire town called Ikebukuro in the form of playing in Ikebukuro Minami Park.


Minami-Ikebukuro Park is a large park similar to the land of Ikebukuro, and there is an athletic area and a café area in a large lawn area, and it is a space where you can interact with nature. When playing in Ikebukuro, we also recommend "Iko haspikikzu"!

Children's scenes

How was my child's reaction in the Sunshine Aquarium, and the sound of the water flow in the plaza before entering and the darkness in the aquarium were combined and it was frightened. It's like when I went to TeamLab a little while ago. From the age of how old is it to become less scared in the playground of the dark?

but as the second half of the aquarium, I was more curious and I was looking at marine life by sticking my face to the aquarium. I tried to make a gallery for reference!

How to use sunshine aquarium

Since we met at the time when we used the Sunshine Aquarium due to corona disaster, we restricted admission, and basically purchased and used a ticket to enter with a specified time every 15 minutes on the web.

My home was used for a time from 10:00!


This time I went to sunshine aquarium. When using it, it is recommended to plan to play with other facilities, not just here! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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