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I tried "Smart Tutor" an English conversation service using AI and VR (summary version)

2021, 11, 1,

The English conversation service called "Smart Tutor", which combines AI and VR, seen in facebook advertisements, seems interesting somehow!

With that in place, I looked back and summarized the results of this service every day for 8 months!

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  1. What is Smart Tutor?
  2. Features of "Smart Tutor"
  3. Smart Tutor Specifications
  4. SmartTutor Content
  5. Discount information
  6. SmartTutor Retrospective
  7. Have you improved your English conversation level?
  8. Summary

What is Smart Tutor?

"Smart Tutor" is an English conversation service that can be implemented with Oculus Quest, a VR headset released by Facebook using AI and VR provided by a company called Plus One Co., Ltd.

Facebook's Oculus Quest is used for VR goggles. I've been curious about Oculus Quest for a long time, so I decided to use the service.

Features of "Smart Tutor"

Is it 2.5 times faster?

Smart Tutor's complaint seems to have about 2.5 times faster learning effect than the old learning method.

Personal impressions are not about aiming at the study effect of TOEIC. (The results of the TOEIC conducted after 8 months of Smart Tutor training are shown below, but it was terrible.)

However, there may be things about Writing and Speaking. I can't say anything because there is nothing to compare.

Because the person you are in English conversation is AI, you don't need to worry

When I was studying alone, I uttered a small voice to the text by myself, but in Smart Tutor, there are "people" that exist in the VR world, so I was able to utter without shame. Also, since the opponent is not human, it was good to be able to practice repeatedly until I was satisfied no matter how many times I failed. Citation source:Smart Tutor

It was good that the other party was not human, so it was not necessary to care for the other party.

There is a program where employees from my company and overseas teach English, but it is usually matched with Indians from the population ratio, and it is troublesome to have time differences and conveniences.

I think that it is a good place to be able to prevent such a situation if the other party is AI.

Catchphrase feels good

The following catchphrase was raised: "No degree, no makeup and ware of pants. Adult home voluntary training campaign It is good to be able to carry out with this pants single.

You can train without worrying about the surroundings, and you can do it without choosing the time.

The use enclosure is Oculus Quest

The scenery I see on Oculus Quest is high quality and well done. Until now, there was a quality that surpassed the VR headsets I had experienced.

Smart Tutor Specifications

Controller is only used with right hand

Oculus Quest has a controller that can be used with both the left and right, but only the right hand is used when using Smart Tutor.

The controller has several buttons, but the basic operation is like stretching your index finger and pressing a button in virtual space.

  • After UPDATE in 2021.7.21, you can now play without using a controller.

Analyze mission results with AI

At SmartTutor, AI evaluates pronunciation and what you say from the following perspectives.

AI creates a curriculum that suits you and quantifies learning effects and weaknesses in real time

Language skills ▶︎ Pronunciation, fluency, speed

Expressiveness ▶︎ Eye contact, tone, summary

Learn how to study and improve at a glance and grow efficiently

In addition, a veteran coach will support you (extra rate plan fee)

Citation source:Smart Tutor

It was interesting that I had not only my pronunciation but also my eye contact score.

I sometimes missed hearing that I couldn't make eye contact with the other person, but I thought it was amazing to analyze it.

However, this eye contact often has a low point because it often pays attention to the wording and English displayed on the screen.

I can't play while I'm sleeping or in the dark

I wanted to lie down before going to bed, make the surroundings black and play, but this was also impossible.

This is because the position of the real space called guardians cannot be identified when dark. I wish I could do it while I was sleeping, darkening the room with pants. Also, Smart Tutor was not an app that you can play while sleeping.

This is because SmartTutor is designed to fuse physical and virtual spaces.

If the bottom setting is too close to my head position, my point of view after entering Smart Tutor will be the position of the character's knee.

When I entered the conference room in VR, I had a viewpoint under the desk, and it felt very surreal.

Also, the position where the button is pressed is placed at the height where I am sitting on the chair, so the button was set very high and I could not press it.

It is difficult to use with a PC desk

In addition, I could not do it at a PC desk.

This is because the monitor on the pc desk has become an obstacle.

It is a feeling that "there is a button on the other side of the monitor and I can not press the button!!"

This may have been bad in the way I specified the range that I play as a Guardian, so I feel like there is room for improvement.

Some goggles hurt their cheeks.

I was fine, but some people who tried Smart Tutor didn't match the skeleton of their face with Oculus Quest, and their faces hurt when worn.

Described in this video, she said she had a sore cheek and couldn't use SmartTutor. I thought that this was probably not how to attach Smart Tutor.

I think that there is a fit depending on the skeleton of each individual, but I think that the pain can be relieved by the thing according to this procedure.

However, the cheek does not hurt, but because the head can be tightened a little, there was a sense of openness in the head when I finished Smart Tutor and removed Oculus Quest.

SmartTutor Content

About training courses

At Smart Tutor, there are training courses such as "company interview" and "system construction", and about 12 English conversation scenarios of about 3 minutes are stored in the course.

Reference: Course example

Scenario list of difficulty ★2

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. About my hometown
  3. Hobbies and Travel
  4. About Kazomi
  5. Lunch Invitations
  6. Spicy Challenge
  7. My features
  8. Vr English Conversation Experiences
  9. Dinner at night
  10. My day
  11. Current job
  12. American football

List of scenarios for difficulty ★3

  1. Start meeting
  2. Building relationships
  3. About the company
  4. Product Description
  5. Project kickoff
  6. Progress report
  7. problem solving
  8. Lunch Break Q&A ← Use of Difficulty ★ 2
  9. Explanation of opinion
  10. negotiation
  11. End meeting
  12. Night dinner ← difficulty ★ 2 re-use

30-minute HR interview

  1. Starting the interview ,explaining the position.
  2. Going over the resume
  3. Asking about work experience(1)
  4. Asking about work experience(2)
  5. Asking about skills
  6. Asking about interpersonal skill
  7. Asking about interests and lo...
  8. Asking about interests and in the c...
  9. Answering job content questions
  10. Answering work environment questions
  11. Wrapping up the interview

Business Dinner

  1. Introduction of restaurants
  2. Order a drink
  3. Small Talk Sports
  4. Small Talk Stock Market
  5. Main course orders (1)
  6. Main course orders (2)
  7. Comments on dishes
  8. Small Talk Japan
  9. Small Talk Travel
  10. Order dessert
  11. The end of the dinner

Other courses were: The following three missions are incorporated in the English conversation in "Earphone sales strategy" "Engineer meeting with overseas partner company"

, and each is evaluated at ★3, and if it is ★ 1 or more, it is a content that passes.

  1. Utter what each character speaks and check their pronunciation mainly Reading
  2. convert Japanese into English and speak translation
  3. Summary of the content of the conversation
  4. Depending on the subject matter, there was also content that interacted with AI in accordance with the theme of free talk.

In , scenarios where all missions are cleared will be checked. Once all the scenarios that can be made now are cleared, we can work on the following scenarios that were locked.

About Reading

Reading is the main mission to check pronunciation.
I was a little annoyed when oculus Quest was out of shape or when I was playing late at night, my energy rating dropped and I couldn't clear it.

About translation

The translation content is a title that Japanese is displayed and the Japanese can be spoken in English.

The way to do this is to output English as you model, and to output English by twisting your knowledge of English words and English grammar.

The latter was more fun to do. In any case, what will happen to this translated content in Japanese?

I think that it is honestly subtle content because the English brain does not grow up with this approach though it becomes this which begins to twist English in the wind.

About summary

In order to apply listening training, there is a summary content, and you will be asked to summarize what everyone has conversed in English at the meeting in English.

At first, I wasn't used to talking, so I scored 2 out of 100. As an excuse, at first I didn't remember the name of the Holo sapiens character at all, and I was staggered by the explanation there. Is this person's name "Heidin"? Or that's the place.

I thought that this kind of habituation was necessary for English conversation, but in the case of scenarios that I often learn, I felt that this is not the essence of English conversation.

About Free Talk

In the free talk, we will talk free of speaking according to the title like "Company name, livelihood, year of establishment, strengths of the company".

Because it is an utterance, it is not a conversation, but a feeling of speaking unimanally.

Although it is this free talk, the story often does not understand at all, and how many times should I explain it!

There was a time to be. The other missions are roughly one shot clear, but you may fail more than 10 times for this mission.

What is difficult on earth is the speed of utterances of speaking 90 words per minute called 90 wpm or more. What I want to say is not settled, and when it becomes ...

However, because the speed is sweet, there are places where the grammar is sweetened. For instance. A miscondact like Shall we good comunication!, you can understand it.

I'm glad when I can clear it because it's difficult to get rid of things that Japanese people tend to do, like stuttering for fear of grammatical errors, and talking anyway.

When I can say what I want to say like folding with my English brain, I feel somewhat happy. It's a use that I learned in the lesson, but I'm also happy when I applied it and talked. It's like "We believe this is our why choose clients us" or "We have employees over 40 countries".

Is there an end to the course?

I feel like I've done five or six courses in total, but in the late scenario, the support staff will look at the new course.

I felt that learning efficiency would be better if I made it a way to review the previous course a little more, but it was not proposed so much.

About difficulty

The course has difficulty, but as the difficulty increases, the conversation time increases, and there are many things to remember when summarizing and translating into English.

Personally, I'm sorry to learn, and my motivation has gradually dropped and my learning time has dropped (; ́.ω.)

About the scene of English conversation

There are three scenes to speak English: a conference room, a presentation stage, and a restaurant. In terms of the number of scenarios, it's like a conference room > a restaurant > a presentation stage.

Presentation Stage

There were probably only a few scenarios, but there is a scenario on the stage of the presentation.

The content of the scenario was a chaotic chaotic

"Nora and Eric recommend Japanese food is an amorphous cultural heritage,

so when the went to the most delicious katsudon shop in Tokyo, but it was closed in Corona,

When he went to the spicy ramen shop next door, he participated in the challenge of eating ramen 30 times hotter than usual within 3 minutes,

and he ate it in 90 seconds, but his stomach became sick, and he was hospitalized for 2 weeks due to diarrhea."

And when this presentation is over, the people in the venue applaud with a standing ovation.

It seems to be a hoot, but it was fun to talk on stage.

I was impressed by the first standing ovation, but it took me a long time to go out of every mission.

Ocean View Stage

There is a stage where you can have dinner with ocean view.

The location seems to be San Francisco. I've never been there, so I'm a little excited. The 3D of the people behind me is quite rough.

The conference room stage is displayed in the above video, so I will not care.

Discount information

New enrollment is always discounted

As far as I know, the admission fee is ○○ JPY discount now! There are always discounts like this. So, I have to join during the period! You don't have to be impatient like that.

Discounts with Oculus Quest Retention

For other discounts, if you have Oculus Quest yourself, the monthly fee will be 3,000 JPY cheaper.

This is because you do not have to rent Oculus Quest. Because it is a discount setting that makes a difference of 18,000 JPY in half a year and 36,000 JPY for one year, Oculus Quest 2 was able to be bought at about 37,000 JPY at that time, so I felt that it was advantageous to buy, and oculus Quest that can be rented was 1 and the quality was inferior compared to 2, so I purchased and played Oculus Quest 2.

For the first two weeks of the trial period, I rented and played Oculus Quest1, but when I played Smart Tutor with Oculus Quest 2 that I purchased afterwards, the sound quality improved dramatically, so I felt that 2 would be good if I had English conversation.

In addition, Biohazard 4 was recently released like Oculus Quest, but I personally think that it is good to have it as a game enclosure because the quality is very high and can be played for less than 3,000 yen.

Oculus Quest1 rented

Discounts on learning time

When I exceeded the study time for 1,000 minutes, I was able to receive a coupon that would be 1,000 JPY off the amount at the time of the next contract.

SmartTutor Retrospective

What's good about Smart Tutor

I'm able to get used to Selling and Writing with SmartTutor.

However, if there is nothing obtained by implementing Smart Tutor, I feel that instead, the ability of Writing that cannot be measured by TOEIC's Listening & Reading test has been trained.

I've never been so lazy to write English, and I didn't like writing English, but while I was doing Smart Tutor, I was no longer reluctant to write e-mails or make English materials in English when I used English at work.

I also recently published a book on Kindle, which also translated it into English. At that time, I borrowed the power of Google Translate and Microsoft Word proofreading functions, but I thought that I was able to implement English translation publication because I had time to output English every day with Smart Tutor.

Understand pronunciation issues

When I was a student, I was conscious of pronunciation, so I thought that I was a good pronunciation person, but when I practice SmartTutor, I can see that my pronunciation is not good. There was a phrase "He is legend", but my pronunciation was recognized as "She is lesbian" (; ^ω^) Not only one sentence like that, but also simple words such as "for" and "good" were actually not able to be pronounced properly.

I can grasp the problem, but whether I can improve it is another thing, and I will describe the impression that it was not good.

See progress and practice time

It is a function that was not there at first, but the cumulative practice time, speech pace and pronunciation situation can be separated.

There's a little update.

I thought that it was good to be aware of improvement in the point that updates are entered about once a month. Here are some examples of what updates were made:

Tutorials added

Tutorials have been added to explain what pronunciation, speech pace, and so on at the top of the screen mean. At first, what did you think of this graph? It is charming that the Japanese of the explanation is somewhat strange.

The right hand controller is no longer needed, and the movement of the hand is more realistic!

What was a pretty good update was that you no longer need to hold the controller in Smart Tutor, and you can now press the button with the thing of touching with your finger.

It's good to be able to speak without grabbing anything in both hands! And detailed movements such as turning fingers are now reflected in the VR environment realistically.

I know a little how to operate controllerless

The A button that was pressed with the controller when SmartTutor starts can now be pressed by making a ring with the right index finger and thumb. In the same way, if you make a ring in your left hand, another menu will open. I think it's smartTutor or an update to OculusQuest.

Character names are now displayed when summarizing!

Names and job titles are now displayed at the top of Holo sapiens when contenting summaries. The characters called Holo sapiens appearing in Smart Tutor have only five basic positions, and when the scenario changes, the voice of the person speaking in the name and inside changes.

This became an enemy, and in the summary content, I didn't know the name of this character every time, so I had to use my memory in a strange place and it was stressful.

Names and titles now appear above Holo sapiens.

Learn fixed phrase

It was good to be able to learn fixed phrase in each scenario.

  1. How to order menus at restaurants I'll have XXX. I realize that it is convenient to use it in various scenes like have.
  2. How the waiter listens to the order (it seems that there is not much use scene) What about you, listen to the order like sir? There were various words of OK. Of Cource, absolutery, Certainly, etc.

Unlike other lessons, there were many simple English sentences, so instead of speaking English as a model, there were many contents that I could utter while thinking for myself.

You can feel the difference in current affairs and culture

After that, with regard to small talk, I think it was good to be able to talk about current affairs because the contents of each episode were the story of Prime Minister Suga and the story of COVID-19.

Also, it may just be a misconfiguration, but it was like being able to drink and drive a car, so I was shocked by the culture.

You're drinking, but you're driving home?

What Smart Tutor wasn't good about

Here's what Smart Tutor wasn't good about:

I'm afraid of characters.

At Smart Tutor, I had English conversation with the VR characterscalled Holosapien, but when the training was over, I was scared of the girl characters who appeared aside, and it looked like sally in Disney's Halloween Town.

Character is used

This "Holosapien" has only 5 characters appearing. Therefore, when the scenario changes, the name and occupation of the character change, and the voice that is talking changes.

I didn't like this anymore. There are handsome outsiders who wear suits like David, but it took time to get used to it, such as becoming a Japanese character named Yuki in mystery with the same character design in another story.

Nationality has also changed sober and sometimes it is impossible to set

up to 5 characters participated

Ai analysis is slow

At first, I thought AI analysis was interesting, so I didn't mind the wait, but gradually I couldn't stand this slowness, so I didn't practice pronunciation.

After that, there was a report of a bug on the app, and there were times when it was slow due to a bug, and even though I only analyzed the pronunciation of one word, I was frustrated waiting for more than 5 seconds at long times.

It is difficult to train pronunciation

I think there is a desire to correct my pronunciation with Smart Tutor's reading content and train myListening skills by doing so.

However, there was a problem that it took a long time for AI to analyze and feed back after listening to this pronunciation, and there was a problem that I did not know the symbols of how to pronounce independently, and the feeling of practicing pronunciation became more and more withered. I thought that stress in the process of memorating correct pronunciation was fatal as a learning process for English conversation.

I can't translate idioms.

In reading mode, you can translate English with my finger, but it was subtle that I can not translate idioms and can only search by word.

After that, the translation of the word is quite suitable. I was also able to get this translation with UPDATE, but it was difficult to use it because there were multiple meanings of words like English dictionaries.

Sometimes there are sentences that don't make sense.

During a session where we were explaining the composition of our brothers, a character named Nora said, "I have two older brothers, Ryu and Ken (Street Fighter). They fought as children when they were little. I want to see you again." I don't have any assumptions like games.

Be angry at the pronunciation of Japanese proper nouns

Japanese food (Washoku), Katsudon, Japanese name, or other bad pronunciation often produce results, and I don't want to be angry there, I became ursy.

There are quite a lot of such things, and I thought that it was good to remove the check of the part which was not essential.

Scenarios are subtle

Some scenarios talk about scheduling delays that are likely to be real PJTs and adjustments to cost increases.

The phrasing that comes out here had the impression that it seemed to be able to use quite a bit even in the actual PJT. However, if these problems are discovered in reality, it is likely to actually heat up more and become a fight.

That's not the case, but if I had actually participated in this scenario, there was something that I thought I was angry because the story didn't make sense.

Content isn't fun

At first, the VR world and various stages were interesting, and that motivated me, but gradually it disappeared. In addition, the above-mentioned English brain problems, difficulty in pronunciation training, problems that can not be cleared without using memory, and system errors that have occurred several times have made the content more and more difficult.

Even so, "continuation is power", so I set up Smart Tutor for about 3 to 5 minutes every day, but I think I was in a state of reluctance to continue. After watching the results of TOEIC, "Smart Tutor" is not open because I am no longer completely motivated.

Withers motivated by bugs

Smart Tutor is good to add new features as such, but there were quite a few bugs along with this. The behavior of the conversation progressing without waiting for this to be speaking.

When this happens, it's pretty frustrating. One conversation about three minutes? It's quite long, but do you want to wait three minutes again? And I get fed up. And as a result, it is not well analyzed and will be treated as rejected as below.

Energy NULL !?

When it happens, it consumes a lot of mental power. I contacted support, but there is no report of a resolution. In addition, it will wither because there is a bug that English is displayed in the English translation of Japanese as follows.

Simply, there were quite a few Japanese translation mistakes. Even though a woman is talking, the subject is  "men".

English brain is difficult to grow

On the other hand, the biggest problem I felt while working on SmartTutor is that the English brain does not grow.

I think the most important thing to improve your English skills is the development of an English brain to think in English, but Smart Tutor is mainly trained to translate Japanese into English and speak, so I can't think in English.

Have you improved your English conversation level?

English level on SmartTutor

I learned how much in the last 4.5 months and there was a function that shows how level I am at now, so I checked it.

It seems that he spends about 53 hours of learning 3232 minutes. However, although it is a calculation of this time, there is a bug that is not counted properly at the timing of the weekly day, so I think that it is a little longer. And, it is said that the English conversation ability has improved as follows.

It is still the second beginner level of English conversation from the bottom w Pronunciation and energy are moderate, but it seems that this level does not go up if the speech pace does not go up.

TOEIC Results

In order to confirm the learning effect of SmartTutor, I took the TOEIC of the 279th in 2021.10.3. I hadn't taken the exam since July 2018, so it's been just over three years. Last time we scored 665 points, how many points will it be?

It is said that it takes more than 200 hours of study for a person with a score of 650 to get a score of 750, but Smart Tutor's learning time is about 4600 minutes = 76 hours of learning, so if you think normally, it is a good feeling if you go up 30 points.

However, Smart Tutor's selling point seems to be three times the learning effect, so if this is correct, it may be 750 points. As a sense of the result of taking the test, listening is able to understand the content quite a bit, but is it directly linked to the score?

It was doubtful when asked. Rather, there are quite a few missed and I feel that I am not so confident (; ́・ω・)

I felt that the reading part was speedy to read in my mind, but the result was ∀;) ...

I had not taken the exam at all since july 2018, and I did not take TOEIC measures, so I could not help it, but I was a little shocked. So, it may depend on how I study, but my conclusion is that Smart Tutor is not very effective as a countermeasure against TOEIC.


This time, I introduced the results of the experience of more than 8 months of using "Smart Tutor" every day, and the summary of personal impressions is as follows.

SmartTutor Experience Summary

  1. 😥 SmartTutor is a content that makes the English brain hard to grow
  2. 😥 Difficult to train pronunciation
  3. 😥 Listening and reading skills don't improve much because of 1-2
  4. 😥 Content becomes more and more boring because of 1-3
  5. 😛 You can get used to Peaking and Writing by implementing English translations and summary content

I personally recommend it to trendy people who want to experience the VR world, but not for those who want to improve their English skills in Bali.

That's it, and this time it's up to here.

Thank you for browsing.

Bye bye(^^)/

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