I tried Smart Tutor an English conversation service using AI and VR (Part 14 [completed])

2021, 10, 23,

I'm graduating from Smart Tutor! I'm Yuya, who loves new things.

Since the first time on February 6, 2021, the VRxAI English conversation service Smart Tutor is october 21, 2021, so it has been more than 8 months since we started Smart Tutor every day.

The result of the TOEIC I took to measure the effect of SmartTutor came back the other day in 2021.10.3. I would like to summarize the effect of studying at SmartTutor.

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  • Those who are interested in VR
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  • The source of the image used in this post is the app "Smart Tutor" for Oculus Quest.

What is "Smart Tutor", an English conversation service using AI and VR?

"Smart Tutor" is a service provided by a company called Plus One Co., Ltd.

Facebook's Oculus Quest is used for VR goggles. I've been curious about Oculus Quest for a long time, so I decided to use the service.

2021/10/03 TOEIC Results

As a matter of course, in order to confirm the learning effect of SmartTutor, the results of the 279th TOEIC in 2021.10.3 have returned. The result was 555 points, the last time it was 665 points, so the score is reduced by 110 points (; ∀;) I had not taken the exam at all since july 2018, and I did not take TOEIC measures, so I could not help it, but I was a little shocked. It is said that it takes

more than 200 hours of study for a person with a score of 650 to get a score of 750, but the study time studied so far is about 4600 minutes = 76 hours, so if you think about it normally, it is a feeling that it is good if it is about 30 points, butsmartTutor's selling point seems to be three times the learning effect, If this is correct, you can get +90 points and get about 700 points, can you? It was sweet to think. So, it may depend on how you study, but my conclusion is that SmartTutor is not very effective as a countermeasure against TOEIC.

SmartTutor Retrospective

Good point

I'm able to get used to Selling and Writing with SmartTutor.

However, if there is nothing obtained by implementing SmartTutor, I feel that instead, theability of Writing that cannot be measured by TOEIC's Listening & Reading test has been trained. I've never been so lazy to write English, and I didn't like writing English, but while I was doing SmartTutor, I was no longer reluctant to write e-mails or make English materials in English when I used English at work. I also recently published a book on Kindle, which also translated it into English. At that time, I borrowed the power of Google Translate and Microsoft Word proofreading functions,but I thought that I was able to implement English translation publication because I had time to output English every day with SmartTutor.


The bad point

English brain is difficult to grow

On the other hand, the biggest problem I felt while working onSmartTutor is that the English brain does not grow. I think the most important thing to improve your English skills is the development of an English brain that thinks in English, but SmartTutor is mainly trained to translate Japanese into English and speak, so I can't think in English.

It is difficult to train pronunciation

I think there is a desire to correct your pronunciation with SmartTutor's reading content and train your Listening skills by doing so. However, there was a problem that it took a long time for AI to analyze and feed back after listening to this pronunciation, and there was a problem that I did not know the symbols of how to pronounce independently, and the feeling of practicing pronunciation became more and more withered.

Content isn't fun

At first, the VR world and various stages were interesting, and that motivated me, but gradually it disappeared. In addition, the above-mentioned English brain problems, difficulty in pronunciation training, problems that can not be cleared without using memory, and system errors that have occurred several times have made the content more and more difficult. Even so, "continuation is power", so I set up SmartTutor for about 3 to 5 minutes every day, but I think I was in a state of reluctance to continue. After watching the results of TOEIC, "SmartTutor" is not open because I am no longer completely motivated.


This time, we introduced the experience of using "Smart Tutor" every day for over 8 months and the results of TOEIC as a result.

SmartTutor Experience Summary

  1. 😥 SmartTutor is a content that makes the English brain hard to grow
  2. 😥 Difficult to train pronunciation
  3. 😥 Listening and reading skills don't improve much because of 1-2
  4. 😥 Content becomes more and more boring because of 1-3
  5. 😛 You can get used to Speaking and Writing by implementing English translations and summary content
Oculus Quest is useless, so I think I will do it with Resident Evil 4 ... Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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