I tried "Smart Tutor" an English conversation service using AI and VR (Part 13)

2021, 10, 6,

Since the beginning of the VRxAI English conversation service Smart Tutor on February 6, 2021, today is October 06, 2021, and it has been 8 months since we started Smart Tutor every day. This time too, I will share the recent situation.

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  • The source of the image used in this post is the app "Smart Tutor" for Oculus Quest.

What is "Smart Tutor", an English conversation service using AI and VR?

"Smart Tutor" is a service provided by a company called Plus One Co., Ltd.

Facebook's Oculus Quest is used for VR goggles. I've been curious about Oculus Quest for a long time, so I decided to use the service.

Situation on October 6, 2021

Content in progress

Last time, I said that I would not be bothered because it was content that I had to use my memory, but the tension did not rise from beginning to end, but I finally digested it. If you can't practice it happily, the effect will also fall. we are currently holding a content called "Engineer Meeting with Overseas Partner Companies".

This content basically replaces taka, introduces itself to project members, and then explains project information.

I know a little how to operate controllerless

In the July 2021 update, I was able to operate SmartTutor with a hand gesture without using a controller, but I didn't know how to press the A button I was pressing on the controller when SmartTutor started with gestures, but recently I found out how to use it.

Specifically, if you make a ring with your right index finger and thumb, it seems to be the same operation as the A button. If you make a ring in the same way, another menu will open.


In order to confirm the learning effect of SmartTutor, I took the TOEIC of the 279th in 2021.10.3. I hadn't taken the exam since July 2018, so it's been just over three years. Last time we scored 665 points, how many points will it be?

It is said that it takes more than 200 hours of study for a person with a score of 650 to get a score of 750, but smartTutor's learning time is about 4600 minutes = 76 hours of learning, so if you think normally, it is a good feeling if you go up 30 points.

However,smartTutor's selling point seems to be three times the learning effect, so if this is correct, it may be 750 points. As a sense of the result of taking the test, listening is able to understand the content quite a bit, but is it directly linked to the score?

It was doubtful when asked. Rather, there are quite a few missed things, and I feel that I am not so confident (; ́・ω・) I feel that the reading part was speedy to read somehow.   The results will be known on October 20, so I will update them as soon as I understand them, but as a sense, it is about the same as last time.


This time, we introduced the status of "Smart Tutor" as of 2021.10.6. My contract period is now one month longer, but I would like to introduce anything interesting before the end of use! That's it, and this time it's up to here. Thank you for browsing.

So, Bye bye(^^)/

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