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Impressions of introducing Shape Eight

2021, 10, 27,

What? Is that a trampoline?

Today I bought Shape Eight, a stylish trampoline that looks like that and functions as an interior, so I will report on my impressions.

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who want to use a trampoline that functions as an interior at home
  • Those who want to exercise easily when you feel like teleworking

Why did I buy Shape Eight?

The reason I bought Shape Eight is because I wanted to practice cardio on the trampoline wherever I wanted in my house.


You can get various effects when performing cardio like a trampoline even for a short time!

I bought a TRAMPOLINE made by RAVS before to carry out this cardio, but it was very poor quality and unusable, so I returned it. This time I wanted to use a trampoline that I could use at home properly, so I decided to buy the popular Shape Eight recently because I have a good reputation.

What's good about Shape Eight?


The RAVS trampoline weighed more than 10kg, while the Shape Eight weighed about 2.6 kg and 1/4. Because of this, it is not painful to carry at all, and unlike ravs trampolines, there is no worry of damaging the floor and furniture.

Carrying handle

They look good

And shape eights look like just a cushion if you don't know it, so it acts as an interior unlike RAVS trampolines.

It also serves as a chair

In addition, Shape Eight also acts as a chair.

The cover can be washed.

Shape Eight can be used as a cushion, so it has a polyester cover just like a normal cushion. This cover can be removed with a chuck assuming that it gets dirty, and it can be washed.

However, there are quite a few restrictions such as how to wash only basic hand washing, and not to use a dryer.

Safe with non-slip

Shape Eight has a tight non-slip on the back of the trampoline. For this reason, there is Less risk of slipping when using a trampoline.

What's wrong with Shape Eight?

Its performance as a trampoline is inferior to that of a normal trampoline

Shape Eight has a lower repulsive force than ordinary trampolines. However, the level of aerobic exercise that I want to carry out has been cleared.

You can do various training with one shape eight

Also, since the area is narrow compared to a normal trampoline, what you can do is limited.

However, it is better than the shape cube, which is the type before shape eight, and is less likely to miss the foot because the area was too small, which was a problem with the shape cube.

The price is high

Shape Eight has a list price of 24,200 yen, so it is 2 to 3 times the price compared to RAVS trampolines.

In order to make this price even a little cheaper, I bought my house on a TV shopping mail order site called Ropping.

When I purchased it here, the color was different from the normal product, but the discount was about 4,000 yen, and I was able to purchase it for 19,800 yen (as of September 2021).

However, it took about a month to arrive after ordering, whether it was made-to-order production.

I was waiting for Shape Eight to arrive


We introduced your impressions using Shape8. I wrote both good and bad points, but I like it quite a bit as a general discussion. I recommend it, but if you are interested, please try it by all means!

Thank you for browsing.

Bye bye(^^)/

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