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Know-how when the material is exhausted in the blog

2019, 12, 19,

I'll blog every day until I have a baby!It's been about 20 days since I decided to do so. In 45 days, I'm running out of writing. What would you do in such a case? So, I will describe the method when the material of the blog article is gone.

What would you do in such a case? So, I will describe the method when the story of the blog post is lost.

Common sense metabolic point

If you're troubled by a blog post, look for things that have "no" around you.

You want to balance what you want to write and what is in demand, right?

Blogging is not something you want to write, but an iron rule to write valuable things that people want to see and know. It seems that there is not so much demand for what I want to write and write. But what's fun about writing things you don't want to write. In the first place, I run into a theory and conflict with something like the significance of writing a blog, so I am writing that I want to write and there is likely to be demand. It's a game that I can't do, writing what I don't want to write w

What is a valuable article?

Then, when you think about what you want to write and what demand you want, looking for "anxiety", "dissatisfaction", and "unpleasantness" around you. Basically, people's desires are based on "non", and there is always value in improving this, and it is information that you want to know. This is something that goes through business in general, but thingswith "no" are things that you want to solve even with the value of money and time.

The impatience of the koto without "anxiety", "dissatisfaction", and "unpleasantness"

So, if I am troubled by the article I write on my blog, I am looking for "anxiety", "dissatisfaction", "uncomfortable" around me. However, the trouble is that these have dried up at the moment.。 I always want to live excitedly without "anxiety", "dissatisfaction", "uncomfortable", so this is a very good trouble w It is a contradiction that I am looking for "anxiety", "dissatisfaction" and "uncomfortable" in order to eliminate "anxiety", "dissatisfaction", and "uncomfortable" w

If you don't have me, look around.

In this way, if you worry about your own troubles and pursue it, you may get depleted. When it comes to what to do at such times, I think it is good to look for other people's dissatisfaction. I myself am quite dry, and I can't write that people who are far from me are not interested. So, I pick up the comments of people connected to my family and SNS and make it an article.


This time, I wrote an article on the trouble that the story of the blog has disappeared. Summarizes.

When there is no material to write on the blog

  • Let's find a material that balances "I want to write" and "worth it"
  • In order to keep valuable articles, let's look for "anxiety", "dissatisfaction" and "discomfort" around us
  • If you don't have it, look for other people's "anxiety", "dissatisfaction", "unpleasantness"

That's it, and this time it's up to here. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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