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"Mobile usability" issue "Content width exceeds screen width" in Search Console, so I checked

2020, 4, 7,

On April 06, 2020, I received a notification from the Google Search Console regarding the "mobile usability" problem "content width exceeds screen width".
If I didn't respond properly, it seemed that Google would lower my rating, so I checked and corrected it, so I will introduce the circumstances.

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Error message from Google Search Console

I will introduce it again, but this time I received the following error email from the Search Console.

I was worried, so I will try the error immediately.

I don't know where! When I thought, the corresponding page was posted as an example at the bottom.

When you actually check the screen with your smartphone. Sure, the content in the table is wide across the screen and you have to scroll sideways before you can see it.

I tried to fix "The width of the content exceeds the width of the screen"

why? When I thought and saw html at the relevant part, there was a part where width was fixed. It is 1164px or 582px.

When specifying the width of the table content in web content, the size is kept to "320px or less" or it will protrude if you do not specify it in %. I gently erased width because it was troublesome to specify.

As a result, it can fit on one screen without horizontal scrolling.

Because it is hard to understand, it is such a feeling when before-After is put.

I forgot what plug-in I was using (; ́,ω/) If you control the size of the table with a GUI, px specification will enter without permission. I'm sorry to fix it with a text editor, so I want you to stop such specifications. After pressing "Validate Fix" to report the error resolution to search console, it is now pending.

If the error is safely resolved, I will report it! ★04/07 Added The next day, a notice of acceptance came!


Search Console checked the contents with an error notification, but it was good to find content that looked unsightly. If you run a blog,don't ignore the notifications from search consoles! I think that the cause of the error is different for each person, but if you watch the corresponding content with a smartphone, you can identify the error location, so it is easy to identify the cause. So, first of all, I think it is important to watch the corresponding content with a smartphone. That's it, and this time it's up to here. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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