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Verification: Is it easy to remove sand by removing clams with sea salt?

2021, 9, 25,

Good evening, yuya @amateur cook. Today, I tried to examine the sand removal of clams using sea salt, which seems to be less well known for its effect.

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Why salt out clams with sea salt

First of all, I will explain why clams are salted with sea salt. Unlike salt, sea salt contains a lot of minerals. 99% of the salt is sodium chloride, but 96% of sea salt contains sodium chloride, and other minerals derived from seawater such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium are contained. For this reason, it is a theory that clams spit out more salt because using sea salt can produce salt water with a mineral balance close to real seawater.

Basics of salt-free clams

Before verification, we will review the basics of salt removal of clams.

Clam salt-free point

  • First, rub and wash the clams.
  • Make 3% salt water The amount of salt water should not be too much so that clams are easy to breathe.
  • Leave at room temperature in the dark When using aluminum foil at this time, make sure that you can breathe by making a hole

    If it is hot in summer, use the refrigerator

If these are not made, salt can not be removed well in the first place. So, as I mentioned earlier, the point of this time is to use sea salt as salt when making salt water.

Sand-free verification results

I forgot to take the photo, but after 6 hours of actually removing the sand, the clams were breathing with the tube stretched out of the salt water with vigor (* ́ω'), so I asked Mama to steam the clams after removing salt and verified the situation of salt removal.


Mama said she made it with hot cook, so I'll post a recipe for steamed sake made with sera and clams for reference
As a result of eating, the encounter rate with sand was about 1 in 5. There may be many people who feel that this is large, but when steamed clams with sake in our normal home, the encounter rate with sand was about 1 in 2 to 3 animals. Mama and I was pleased that the encounter rate with sand was the lowest in our history (* ́ω')


Is it easy to remove sand without clams with sea salt? Although it is a verification result, it was a result that it was easy to actually remove sand! In addition, sea salt is overwhelmingly better for health than salt from another point of view, so I think that it is a feeling that you should always have sea salt at the table on a daily basis.


"Too much salt is not good", but in fact, there is a little error in this, and "eating too much salt is not good" is the correct answer.
By the way, the sea salt I used this time is here.

Sea spirit Aratarashio (red label) 500g

If you are worried, please try it! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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