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What is likely to happen when social change does not keep up with environmental changes

Good evening is yuya @future-oriented personality. In the future, I imagined what would happen if social changes could not keep up with the speed of environmental changes (environmental destruction) of the earth.

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What is likely to happen when social change does not keep up with environmental changes

Lv1: Shrinking living areas, running out of food, and depleting resources

First of all, I think that the reduction of the living area will increase. If all arctic and antarctic ice melts due to global warming, the above sea level will rise and there will be many areas that sink. It is interesting that BUSINESS INSIDER is simulating the assumption when this happens.

  • In Japan, prefectures located on the coast settle all over the
  • Europe settles in the sea around London, Venice and the Netherlands
  • Bangladesh on india's east side, all settling in the sea
  • Australia's coastal areas where about 80% of citizens live have subsided
  • China sinks Shanghai
  • In South America, the Amazon and Paraguay basins, Buenos Aires and paraguay

It seems that it is a level that can not be solved by the level of correspondence such as cutting down mountains and creating landfills with fills. In addition, if global warming progresses at the current momentum, it is expected that temperatures will reach 47 °C in Japan in the summer by 2050. If the temperature rises too much like this, it is difficult to live normally, so it seems that the area where you can live will shrink steadily. These abnormal weather changes and shrinking living areas are naturally considered to be a major blow to agriculture and livestock industries. Naturally, the harvest area will be smaller, and the change in the ecosystem will be combined, and it is expected that the same amount of crops will not be able to be harvested in the same place as before. As a result, it is expected that large-scale food shortages and infectious diseases will occur around the world.

Lv2: Battle for living areas, food, and resources

What can we imagine so far in the future of shrinking living areas and depletion of food and resources? It's a robbery of limited living areas, food and resources. (This is the case where humanity is expanding its population without losing to infectious diseases produced by climate change.) It is not thought that the nuclear bomb which was the trump card in the war so far will not be used in this fight. Because even if you win a war, you can't make effective use of the site. In addition, since the heart of this fight is to reduce the mouth, it seems that it will basically be an annihilation war that does not allow surrender. Then, the most effective is a biological weapon which can selectively kill only the person who lives in the place. It could be a virus, or it could be a weapon with elaborate drones.

What is likely to happen in the ice age pattern?

Up to this point, we have assumed global warming, but on the contrary, there is a possibility that the ice age will come. This was published by a British researcher at the Royal Astronomical Society on July 9, 2015, and from around 2030, the sun's activity will decay by 60% and the mini ice age will come (reference). Then, I think that the premise has changed this time, and the reduction of the living area will not occur. However, it is still expected that the flow like the competition similar to the above will be expected because the depletion of resources is still approaching.




Future environmental changes are difficult to predict because various factors are intertwined, but in order to avoid war by reducing human mouth, we believe that we need to make changes for a new society. The story is introduced in another article, so if you are worried, please refer to it.


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