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Continued: How to implement Back to TABLE of Contents

2021, 10, 8,

After updating Affinger to Version 6, the table of contents doesn't work!

So, after updating the version of Affinger of the theme I'm using from 5 to 6, the "Lucky WP Table of Contents" that I used as a plugin for the table of contents can no longer be used, so I set a new one instead of this plugin. Introducing a plug-in called "Rich Table of Contents".

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Lucky WP Table of Contents Bug Status

Lucky WP Table of Contents was a problem with what it was like, and it was the following three situations.

  1. The table of contents is out of order.
  2. Don't you fly to the headline correctly?
  3. A table of contents for another article is displayed (←thth was the guy he was the worst(*_*;)

Originally I customized and used this plug-in, so if I did my best myself, I might manage it, but I thought that it would be troublesome to get my hands every time that time is useless and it will not work with various Update in the future.


About "Rich Table of Contents" adopted instead

Instead, I adopted a plug-in called "Rich Table of Contents". This plug-in has not been used much yet, and I was a little worried about reviews and evaluations, but I tried using it and it seems that there is no problem with operation, so I selected it.

How to set it up

When you install and activate the plug-in, you will see a function called "RTOC Settings" in the left navigation menu, so make the settings here.

The setting method is basically not so difficult. You can set it intuitively in the tab called "Basic settings".

The layout of the table of contents displayed, such as the wording and color, will fidd with. However, I could not change the size, I felt a slightly bigger impression compared to other plug-ins.

I'm glad that the implementation of returning to the table of contents can be easily done by setting. The previous plugin had a lot of trouble (* _ *;

It is possible to set to return to the table of contents in the application setting column!

With the above settings, the button to the next lower right table of contents will run side by side when scrolling on the smartphone screen.

After that, it is a menu that stays in the side menu of the PC version , but even if you prepare it in the widget, it will not fly to the link well, and if you prepare it in the widget, the layout of the table of contents will not collapse. I feel like a bug in the theme, so it seems troublesome to fix it, and the PC version has a function to return to the top, so I decided to put my book in the advertising frame.


This time, it was a story that the table of contents function was renewed. If you want to try it out, check outRich Table of Contents! Thank you for browsing.

Bye bye(^^)/

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