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How to change the profile displayed by category on WordPress

2020, 6, 3,

When posting an article, isn't it more authoritative if the poster's character matches the article? Recently, I suddenly thought so.

For example, I think that the programming know-how introduced by SE is more prestigious than the programming know-how introduced by nursery teachers. On the other hand, I thinkthat the childcare know-how introduced by nursery teachers is more authoritative than the childcare know-how introduced by SE. From this point of view, I also try to bring out the personas that are within me and express them on my profile. However, since this blog is a so-called miscellaneous blog that posts contents of multiple genres, it is necessary to express a lot of corresponding characters, and the profile column was complicated. When a profile becomes complicated, it is stressful to watch articles of people who the reader does not know who. I think that it is difficult for the number of people to leave or increase the number of fans. It is important to give customers a sense of security when attracting customers, so I was worried that it should not be as it is. In order to solve this problem, it would be good if you could use the contents of the profile according to the article? I thought and found a good way, so I will introduce it.

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Create multiple users

I examined whether I could write a program that changed the profile column according to the category, but it seemed that it was easy to implement, so I stopped it. So, when I was looking at the user list on the screen before setting the user's profile, I thought that it would be okay to create multiple users alone. So I decided to create multiple users and make one character profile for one user. WordPress requires an email address and username to register as a user, so we have prepared a GMail address for the user.

Set up a profile for each user (persona)

Set up profile content and images

Each user will have a profile field, so we will disassemble the profile that we have set up for the main user so far and divide it into each user. I made it a challenging profile because it is easier to give birth to fans when they are trying something. We've also prepared images that match your profile.

Set permission groups and display names on blogs

If you are a subscriber, you cannot do so. I made it an administrator because there seems to be a scene that doubles as a contributor and an editor. After that, it is not distinguished if the display name on the blog is the same name, so I will leave it as a display name that can be distinguished by myself.

Assign users (personas) to each article

In the list of articles, we will narrow down by categories, etc., and change it to the user who created the contributor.

Points to note

This response had the following effects:

  • Continuous posting record on WordPress becomes illegal The user of the contributor is switched, so the continuous posting record of more than 180 days has been cut off. As a matter of fact, I'm posting continuously, so I don't mind.
  • If you log in with an additional user registered account this time, the posting setting will collapse When you try to post with an account registered as a user additionally this time, public size sharing etc. became unrelated. Since it is troublesome to re-set this area, it is recommended to manage posts etc. with the main user who originally existed.


This time, in order to avoid the complexity of the description of the profile and set an easy-to-understand profile that matches the article, I tried to use different users. I think that it is a fairly effective measure to make it easier to attract customers, so if you think it looks good, please try it! Why now? In the background, it was the beginning that the profile column was placed at the beginning of the article in order to increase authority. It's cruel for readers to read long, cumbersome profiles. Https://, that's it for this time. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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