How to realize the desire of "pre-celebration"

2018, 9, 12,

How do you approach when you have a dream or goal that you really want to achieve?

How do you approach a dream or goal that you really want to fulfill?

Are you acting with a strong desire to achieve and become?

In fact, this world is made so that the more you want it, the more you can't reach that state.

I will not give up the reason, but the act I want is because at the moment I declare things that I do not have it, and the universe is programmed to reproduce it. So how do you get to the state you want? This time, in order to declare the state that the dream and goal have been fulfilled, we will introduce a method called pre-celebration that will celebrate before.

Common sense metabolic point

Old common sense

Realize if dreams and desires are strongly desired to achieve

New common sense

Dreams and wishes celebrate the situation already achieved in advance

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who have a dream that they absolutely want to fulfill

What is a pre-celebration?

A pre-celebration is a way of self-realization that draws the result by celebrating the realization of the result you want in advance.

"A magic event that simulates a year of farming and autumn good harvests in prayer for good harvests and prolific production. ?q pre-celebration ?rwas often done as one of agricultural etiquette. It is based on the popular belief that if you simulate the expected result in advance, you will get the same result. It is intensively held on the Small New Year, and it is also a ritual of the start of farming. It may be accompanied by a kind of fortune-telling. There are many local colors such as Niwata ue, Mayudama, Awaho Hiebo, Torioi, and Nariki blame."

Quote: Heibonsha's World Encyclopedia

Pre-celebration logic

Here are two principles that enable self-realization of pre-celebrations.

I can let go of the situation I want.

It seems that if we want it, we will input the current situation of "not" into the subconscious. And the subconscious unconsciously attracts that reality. For this reason, in order to realize the desire, it is necessary to let go of the situation of "I want (= not)" and input the situation of "there" into the subconscious. As a means of this, the pre-celebration of "joy and celebration" is effective for creating a state of "yes" by thinking of the appearance that dreams and goals have come true in advance.

raise the levels of motivation

The definition of motivation was taken up in the book "Why do humans procrastinate?"

Definition of motivation

Motivation = expected * value ÷  (1+ impulse × delay)

When you celebrate, expectations and values increase as follows:


  • Expectations: You will be able to understand the fact that the subconscious will find the factors behind why it has been realized, and you will be able to expect it.
  • Value: In order to do the act of realistically thinking of value for yourself and those around you, the value by the things you achieve increases

In this way, since expectations and value, which are parameters of motivation, which are parameters of motivation, increase, motivation to support actions toward the realization of aspirations can also be formed.

How to celebrate

Here's how to practice the pre-celebration:

  1. If it is concretely to imagine the appearance that the dream has come true, the means does not matter. Let's imagine the situation as long as the rabbit thinks about the corner.

    Image example

    • An interview article appears on one side of the newspaper.
    • 1st on the podium, biting a medal
    • I'm proud of to everyone for the result of passing the exam.
  2. Immerse yourself in joy in a pre-celebration Immerse yourself in joy with the image drawn in 1
  3. Think about why you feel joy Why you're happy, let's think about the cause. In this thought process, "aspiration" is born, which is a viewpoint that supports joy and an idea. "Aspiration" becomes a will and a driving force that supports dreams.

An example of aspiration embodied by a pre-celebration

From here, it is unclear whether celebrities fought in action with the pre-celebrations, but I will introduce concrete examples that actually held a pre-celebration and produced results.

Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu

"Yuzuru Hanyu" won a gold medal on the plane before the Sochi Olympics and was immersed in joy. He was more impressed on the plane than when he actually won the gold medal.

Masayoshi Son of SoftBank

SoftBank's grandson always takes gutsy poses with the image of a successful project.

Edison, The Inventor

Edison, the inventor, said he had announced that he had already invented it before he invented it.

Shigeo Nagashima of baseball

Mr. Nagashima said that before the exhibition game of his Majesty the Emperor, he wrote that "Nagashima, goodbye home run in the exhibition game" bought all the sports paper. As a result, he hit a good-bye home run as before celebration.

Martial artist Shungo Oyama

Mr. Oyama, a martial artist, was keenly thinking about winning against Peter Ertz, and decided where to chew on the trophy as a way to be happy when winning. Even though it was a relationship that would not even come true to matchmaking, we drew opportunities to play against Peter Ertz and won the match.

Kazuzo Masaki, The King of Invention in Japan

Dr. Masaki, the king of invention in Japan, wrote in his book that his dream would come true, saying, "Thank you in a complete form." Flashing with a complete form of gratitude, he left more than 1,000 inventions in his life.

About my pre-celebration

I also practiced some pre-celebrations.

Practice at TOEIC

It's not a big deal, but in an advance celebration at TOEIC to meet the company's promotion criteria. As for the state at the time of the test, I drew a concrete image of what state it will be during the exam, how many points I scored by listening and how many points I scored in reading. In addition, when I got a passing score safely, I had an image that I boasted to people who were working hard together w I reproduced it in a relatively close form. I was very happy to get the results (* ́ 艸')

Pre-celebration on SNS?


I think Instagram is a good place to promote happiness and joy. I think that it is surely easy to celebrate beforehand. I wonder if the pre-celebration is not popular with an Instagram-worthy feeling w As a pre-celebration at the beginning of the start of the blog, I raised the next image to Instagram

1 year later, but I have achieved. I did not know that it would be summarized with "k" when the numbers become big


Facebook also has a community to share pre-celebrations with. Everyone is very positive and encouraging, so please join us if you like! Let's celebrate together!


How did you introduce the pre-celebration? Did you want to put it into practice? Still have an image? Want to know more? For such you, I recommend the thing to pick up the following books.

Let's make our dreams come true by practicing pre-celebrations!

Bye bye(^_^)/