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Automatic wordpress-to-Instagram posting using WP Social Post And Widget

2020, 3, 25,

I've established a way to automatically post to Instagram when I post WordPress, so I'll share it!

★ will no longer function properly from April 2020 ( ; ∀;) We will let you know again when we recover! ★

In today's era, we believe that we should make the transmission of personal information omnichannel in the same way that stores are omnichannel and selling products through various media. I was looking for a way to automatically link to Instagram in order to disseminate information to as many media as possible at once, but finally found a way. I was able to automatically link to Instagram with a plug-in called "WP Social Post And Widget"!

Common sense metabolic point

Old common sense

Information transmission can be done on only one channel

New common sense

Information transmission should be multichannel

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  • Those who want to improve the ability to disseminate personal information as much as possible

Download wp social post and widget

It is a plug-in of "WP Social Post And Widget", but it does not come out when searching for WordPress plug-ins. So download the plug-in directly on this page.

Install WP Social Post And Widget

The folder "wp-instagram-post" made by unzipping the downloaded file is "... upload to the public_html/wp-content/plugins" directory. Then, the plug will be displayed in the plug-in list, so activate it.

Wp Social Post And Widget Settings

You can set up from WP Instagram, which appears in the left menu of WordPress.


Logins sets your Instagram login ID and Password.


Options sets options when posting automatically. I made the following settings.

Configuration Memo

  • Post to Instagram every time on post update?→ON It is a setting that goes to post to Instagram every time when updating the blog
  • Show Post Link?→ ON A link to a blog post
  • Include Post tags?→ON hashtags
  • Show Post Details (words) 2200→0 Sets how much the contents of the body are displayed. I made it to 0 because it is difficult to see when the body is displayed.
  • Post Types for Instagram! → I'm not sure if I'm sure I'll post it, but I thought it would be Post for the time being, so I turned it on.

Custom messages and post results when posting

Custom messages when posting

If you use wordpress's old editor in the post form, you'll see the Custom Message field on WP Instagram on the right. (I don't use Gutenberg, so I don't know.)

Check Post to Instagram? to include the message you want to appear on Instagram.

Post Results

The post results are based on the featured image and display the contents of the Custom Message as follows:


This time, I introduced how to install and set up the plug-in "WP Social Post An Widget" that automatically posts to Instagram when posting WordPress. If you still have automatic linkage to Instagram, please try it (^^♪!). Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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