If you really want to discharge the impaction, then the plum sink

2019, 2, 21,

I've been practicing fasting for the last five days, but I was saddened by my relatives, so I decided to interrupt the fast in three days. The inn service comes out about the fourth day after the start of the fast, but at the time of fasting for three days in this fast, there was still no inn service. I wanted to excrete the inn by all means, so I carried out forced discharge of the inn by the plum sink. If you want to excrete your fasting by all means during fasting, please refer to it. I'm sure you'll be greeted by a good flight!

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who want to give an inn service by all means in a limited fast period
  • Those who want to send rumors of an inn service

What is Fecal impaction?

Sucum(Fecal impaction) is a feces that has been stuck in the intestine for a long time due to constipation. There is also a whisper that there is no stool, but it seems to be the result of looking in the large intestine with an endoscope. The stool does not take into account the point that it accumulates not only in the large intestine but also in the small intestine. The main inn that tries to be put out by fasting is not the stool of the large intestine, but the old tissue and dirt which sticks to the mucous membrane and the villi of the small intestine become the one that it peeled off. I think that the person who has put it out understands, but the stool which is different from usual which thinks this comes out. It is black, sandy stool, wakame-like stool, etc., the shape and color vary, but a considerable amount comes out. In addition, there is a feature that the fart afterwards does not smell (laughs)

What is Ume nagashi?

Ume nagashi is a method of inducing the discharge of sukuru stools by eating boiled daikon radish and raw vegetables with miso while drinking "Umeyu" crushed with umeboshi in daikon broth. Since it is necessary to empty the digestive organs at the time of implementation, it is aprerequisite for implementation to have 48 hours (7 meals) out of meals. It is said that the reason why the stool goes out in the plum sink is that the citric acid of umeboshi acts as a detergent, the dietary fiber of daikon radish and raw vegetables acts as a brush, and cleans the intestines.

Preparing for plum sinking

Ingredients to prepare

1/3 radish

As a sense, there may be as many as 1/3 piece. I practiced it with 1/3 pieces and left it. If you have leftovers, let's eat at the time of another meal.

Umeboshi 8 pieces

Let's prepare medium umeboshi. You should stop the guy like a crunchy plum on your lunch box


There is no rule in quantity or type. I wanted to enjoy the taste and play the actual battle, so I prepared two kinds of miso. (Or rather, there were two types in the refrigerator)

Water 1.5 to 2.0 l

In my personal sense, the amount of water is not enough for 1 l, and if it is 2 l, it is extra. I started in a small pot, so I was able to add water later.

1 piece of kombu

For soup stock of plum soup stock. It is optional, but recommended for those who want to fight deliciously.

Seasonal Vegetables

It is optional, but recommended for those who want to fight plum flow deliciously. I chose celery because it was a seasonal vegetable in February. Don't put too much ingredients in it.

Making soup for plum soup

Steps to make a soup

  1. cut daikon into slices about 1cm thick
  2. When adding seasonal ingredients, cut them into easy-to-eat sizes
  3. In a saucepan, boil about 1.5 liters of water with kombu and cut daikon radish and seasonal ingredients (until the daikon radish is tender. About an hour ...)

Fast for more than 2 days

Fast for a minimum of 48 hours. My recommendation is honey fasting.

How to practice plum flow

Practice procedure of plum sinking

  1. Put 2 umeboshi seeds in a bowl and crush (if it is troublesome to take the pulp around the seed, you do not have to pull it out)
  2. add miso and broth in a bowl
  3. take your time to drink a bowl
  4. Repeat 1-3 until the hotel service comes out.

As you can see when you practice it, the taste is sharp by fasting, so the soup is exceptionally delicious. About 50 minutes after I started drinking broth, the inn stool began to come out. It was like diarrhea, and the stool went out. The third time, I felt that urine came out of my buttocks, so I decided that I had finished it and completed it. There was a great sense of liberation and achievement w

Notes after practice

After the fast, on the night of the second day of the return meal, there was a seat of a banquet with relatives, and I could not cut off alcohol, but I ate organic wine. The negative effects of this act came out splendidly, and it became vocal cord flame. If alcohol is drunk when there is inflammation such as swelling of the throat, it will become hyperemia and worsen because the blood vessels spread. Even during the fast period, as an improvement reaction, sore throats had appeared, but alcohol promoted this. Please be careful about the meals you eat during the rehine. Fasting is not well-established, so it is troublesome to refuse or explain to people at the meal. If fasting becomes more widespread in general, such troubles will decrease. The number of sick people should decrease, too.


Summary notes

  • How plum sinks can discharge indwelling flights
  • You need to skip 48 hours (7) meals to make a plum sink.
  • The essential ingredients are umeboshi, daikon radish, miso, and water, so you can use the amount to be appropriate.
  • Be careful about your meals after practice

From now on, I will do a plum sink every time I fast.

So, then(^^)/