Is vegetable oil dangerous? Trans fatty acids are the cause of all diseases

2018, 11, 5,

I have an image that vegetable oil is good for health. Although the recognition is not wrong, many of the oils displayed in supermarkets contain trans fatty acids, which are harmful components. This time, we will introduce the dangers of vegetable oils displayed at supermarkets, how to distinguish safe oils, and how to detoxify harmful oils that have already been taken in. If you read this article, you will think that you will buy oil carefully at the supermarket.

Common sense metabolic point

Old common sense

Salad oil is somehow healthy oil

New common sense

Salad oil is a harmful oil containing trans fatty acids that cannot be metabolized by the body

Recommended for such a person

  • Housewife supporting the diet at home
  • Those who want to be careful about their health

There are many dangerous vegetable oils in supermarkets.

Why many vegetable oils on the market are not good for health

Many vegetable oils, including salad oil, are more harmful to the human body. Vegetable oil is extracted slowly and slowly by low temperature extraction. However, many vegetable oils currently on the market are cheap and produce harmful substances in order to make them quickly.

Hazardous substance generation process

Heating at high temperatures: Produces toxic trans fatty acids ・ Milking oil with hexanes ...

When heated at high temperatures, it changes to trans fatty acids that cannot be metabolized (i.e., toxic) by the human body. The risk will be explained later. In addition, when milking oil using hexane, hexane remains because it cannot be completely removed. Hexane is oxidized in the metabolic system and attacks peripheral nerves, causing multiple neurosis such as difficulty walking.

Trans fatty acids are the source of all diseases

Trans fatty acids are prone to obesity because they cannot be metabolized naturally. In addition to obesity, it becomes an atheros that cling around blood vessels, triggering high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, and subretinal bleeding. Also, hormones are produced from lipids, but hormones produced from lipids with an unnatural structure, such as trans fatty acids, cause dysfunction. Insulin abnormalities can cause diabetes or cause diseases such as Basedo's disease.

It is not a mistake to consume the oil itself.

Oil is superior to carbohydrates

Lipids have calories of 9 kcal/g, more than double the calories compared to 4kcal/g of carbohydrates and proteins. It is easy to think that there is an image that lipids are more fat than carbohydrates and proteins from the viewpoint of calories. However, since the use of lipids and carbohydrates is different, it is wrong to make only excess calories a standard for weight gain. In addition to being used as energy, lipids are used as energy, and there are many ways of metabolism, such as as becoming a material for cells and hormones. In comparison, carbohydrates have only metabolic methods as energy, and if they are taken too much, they can cause various causes of aging, such as neutral fat and sagging skin called saccharification. However, I think that it is good to think that it is evil after all because the distorted oil on the market has a lot of trans fatty acids and is only used distorted. Obesity and disease are created by the consumption of distorted oils and excess carbohydrates.

The bad interpretation of cholesterol is wrong

I often hear explanations that cholesterol is good (HDL) and bad (LDL), which is a misinterpretation that was born because the oil on the market is too toxic. LDL and HDL only have a difference in the direction they carry.

The difference between LDL and HDL

  • LDL: The role of carrying cholesterol from the liver to each tissue
  • HDL: The role of carrying cholesterol from each tissue to the liver

Because the malignity of lipids that humans take on a daily basis is so strong, LDL that carries cholesterol to each tissue has become like a bad man. If you correct the original, the oil you are taking is only "evil". Without LDL, cells cannot be produced normally and hormones cannot be produced.

Coco points

LDL is not evil, but bad by the oil it is consuming

Let's choose oil.

Oil that can not be ingested

When buying oil at a supermarket, it is better not to choose the product packed in a plastic bottle. There is a high possibility that the residual amount of trans fatty acids and hexane mentioned above is high, and the oil dissolves in plastic, so it becomes a thing that takes extra chemicals. If you want to choose safe oils, choose oil in a light-shielding, colored bottle.

Oil you shouldn't choose

  • Salad oil contains a lot of toxicity that kills prematurely, so it is better to stop it really.
  • Margarine is a plastic to eat.
  • Fried foods at supermarkets and convenience stores ...

It is important to use oil well.

There is no all-round oil, and it is important to use it well. If you want to use it for heating, use sesame oil from olive oil.

How to use different oils

  • Olive oil: Less likely to become a trans fatty acid even when heated. ※ Among olive oil, let's choose extra virgin oil and low temperature pressing. This is to avoid those made by manufacturing methods such as high temperature treatment and putting a participant inhibitor, or blended with other oils.
  • Sesame oil: Resistant to heating and resistant to trans fatty acids.
  • Coconut oil: Energy efficiency is better than other oils, but can cause sex hormone abnormalities
  • Walnut oil, persimmon oil, fish oil: it has an allergy inhibitory effect called omega-3. If you have hay fever or allergic diseases, you should actively take this oil.

Let's make olive oil an extra virgin oil with low temperature compression! Amani oil is also recommended!

How to discharge malignant oil that I have already ingested?

Malignant oils taken into the body are stored in fats because they are oil-soluble. In addition, toxins that cannot be ingested by people such as other chemical seasonings, preservatives, food additives, etc. are stored in fat because they are oil-soluble. These are not poisoned unless fat is consumed. Detoxification can only be done by metabolizing fat by aerobic exercise and fasting. My recommendation is honey fasting.


It is not a mistake that vegetable oil is good for health, but the low oil currently displayed in supermarkets contains trans fatty acids and the toxicity is quite high. The causal relationship has not been disclosed, but there is a story that the disease of cancer was not born until the low-cost sales of oil began. The reason why such a story does not come up might be because there is an influence such as the concession of the food industry. It is no exaggeration to say that the state of the body, which is your capital, is determined. Let's pay close attention to the selection of oil. If you want to know more details, let's read this book.

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