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Report on Asobi Park PLUS in Koshigaya Lake Town

2021, 10, 18,

Good evening is Yuya @ Kita-kumin, Tokyo. Today, I went to "Asobi Park PLUS" in Koshigaya Lake Town to develop a playground for children, so I will report my impressions.

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Access to "Play Park PLUS AEON" in Koshigaya Lake Town

First of all, how to get to Koshigaya Lake Town, but Koshigaya Lake town station on the JR Musashino Line is direct, so I think that it is good to access it from here.

Asobi Park PLUS is located on the 3rd floor of the Mori area of Koshigaya Lake Town. Koshigaya Lake Town has a large site, so it takes 5 to 10 minutes to get here.

Introduction of play made at "Play Park PLUS Aeon Lake Town Store"

The size of "Play Park PLUS Aeon Lake Town Store" has a slightly narrower impression than Kidkid Bonerund, but it was a facility where you can enjoy various games. We will introduce what kind of play was made concretely with photos for each area.

Indoor Tree Banner Forest Child

In an area that seems to be inspired by the forest, you can enjoy athletics such as swings and ladders using ropes, poop, and bouldering spaces on a slide conscious of mountains.

The slide of the mountain in the back was good and it was soft, so I enjoyed it quite a bit!

Also, project mapping? Images were projected on the wall and floor.

Car Build Ride City

This is a space where you can ride and play like a go-kart called EV Ride, although my child has not reached the target age of 2 years old.

Barefoot was strictly prohibited, and I was playing with sandals provided.

Imagination Hills

Imagination Hills is an area where you can play with objects and scaffolding with large sandbag-like blocks, fly, jump and slide with your imagination.

Wooden slide

Sandbag-like cushions were good to throw on foot and were played in various ways

Especially this rotating playground equipment was hard in many ways. The small child got on alone and saw a situation like a heavy injury, and a large adult was seen blowing without being able to endure the rotation on this. When playing with this playground equipment, I felt that it was better to accompany a guardian without being alone in children.

The ball pool was small, but the ground was soft and there were many children who played happily. My child also enjoyed it.

Wooden Pla area. You can enjoy railway play by breaking pla or sticking.

Creator's Village

Creator's Village is an area where you can play with your creativity as a left and drawing.

area where you can continue as a sushi restaurant [/]

[caption id="attachment_13676" align="alignnone" width="974"] A corner where you can draw on a transparent board. The child was absorbed in drawing, but be careful because the hands get very dirty!

Block corner of vegetable toys that can be cut and played

The picture book corner was also small

Sand Art College

The Sand Art College area is an area where you can play with mysterious sand that solidifies even if there is no water. Here, children were crowded with each other, played with die cutting, molding it into the shape of their desire, and playing.

Indoor Sandy Beach Sea Child

The indoor sandy beach sea child area is a great area where you can interact with the sand like a sandy beach in the sea, which is not found in other indoor playgrounds. You can only enter here with bare feet. My child was bibitsu and did not play here at all (; ́,ω.) There is a space where sand can be dropped near the doorway.

Congestion situation

The time we used was around 2:55 after the child got up from nap and ate a snack. At this time, I put it in no particular line, but there was a queue with the family who was trying to use it afterwards.

All the queues are lined up behind the wall.

How to use the

When using it, it is natural in the time of corona disaster, but temperature measurement and disinfection are necessary. The fee is set as follows, and the first 30 minutes are paid in advance, and the extension is paid in advance. Saturdays and Sundays were quite crowded, so if you really want to enjoy this place, it may be better to use it with a free pass one day on weekdays.


This time, I tried to report on "Asobi Park PLUS Aeon Lake Town Store" in Koshigaya Lake Town. There is a play area that is not available in other playgrounds, and I felt that it was a space that children could enjoy quite a bit because the target age can be played widely. If you are worried, we recommend that you go to play aiming at the timing with few people! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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