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Learn how to address "`PageSpeed Insights" improvement challenges

2019, 9, 19,

Seo is important in order to write a blog and send out your thoughts and recommended information. No matter how good an article you write, it doesn't make sense if it doesn't reach the user. Recently, as part of this SEO measure, I tried a service called PageSpeed Insights that Google offers to measure the display speed of a blog. As a result, it was a staggered w I was using the fast theme Ofaffinger, so I was looking at it like it was okay. This time, in response to such analysis results, I will introduce the process of trial and error by trying to deal with PageSpeed Insights. If you read this article, it is not perfect, but you can see what kind of correspondence should be done as a countermeasure against PageSpeed Insights.

This article is for those who are creating blogs using WordPress

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What is PageSpeed Insights?

PageSpeed Insights is a service provided by Google that analyzes the content of web pages and suggests ways to reduce page load times.

PageSpeed Insights Analysis Results

The result of reproducing the analysis results of the first PageSpeed Insights is here (*Plugin is disabled, reproducing the situation at that time, but at first it was worse and mobile was not double digits w)

Support for pagespeed insights improvements

Async JavaScript

As part of Excluding Resources That Prevent Rendering, we removed JavaScript that blocks rendering using the plug-in Async JavaScript. The setting was referred to this site.

I improved it weakly. The settings that I fidded with are as follows. Somehow, it is a plug-in that I saw rumors that the behavior will be suspicious, so the priority of introduction may be low. Is this the fault? I've been feeling that google adsense ads are not out on pc version.。


To lower "Exclude resources that prevent rendering", I put a PlugIn that compresses various contents called Autoptimize. The setting was referred to this site.

We saw dramatic improvements. Both excluding resources that interfere with rendering and Remove unused CSS are both the solutions. If you set this, the source code will also be compressed, so when you display the source in the preview, the readability will be reduced insanely. If you want to analyze the source code, temporarily disable the plug-in or browse the source code directly.

BJ Lazy Load

In order to support the improvement item "Lazy loading of off-screen images", a plug-in called "BJ Lazy Load" was added as a lazy loading of images. As a similar plug-in, there was "a3 Lazy Load", but it conflicted with other plug-ins, or the image did not play after how long, so I stopped here and implemented "BJ Lazy Load". I am a little more modified by the PERSONAL COMPUTER, but it is left unattended because it seems to be an error. As another method, I thought that I would respond with AMP, but when I tried halfway, if it was an AMP page, there was a page layout collapse, and the risk was large, so I stopped it.

WP fastest cache

When I visited the same page after the second time, I introduced WP fastest cache because it is faster to read cached information. I met about three similar plug-ins, but it is good that the setting can be finely done with "W3 Total Cache Speed", butthe result of PageSpeed Insights may be error, and "WP Super Cache" was not a very bad place, but it was the most appreciated " WP WP Fast cache" has been introduced. I referred to the setting here.

I changed the PC a little, but it was like an error, so I ignored it. The cache setting is expensive to load the server because it eats up memory. Therefore, I think that it is better to verify whether it is an error.

Improvements that could not be solved

An improvement remains that appears as a preload of key requests. Somehow, it was a difficult item to understand because it did not come out every time it was verified. This item is<head></head>within

If you put in, I'll solve it! There was also a page with such a thing written, but I did not solve it. If you search in the community, "show_ads_impl.js" seems to be a synchronous ad, but all the ads I'm posting are asynchronous. It seems that this problem is occurring while trying to load synchronous js without permission with Google's internal processing, so it seems to be helpless.

Other improvements

Support for other plug-in-related improvements

I put the plug-in used as a countermeasure other than the above referring.

Broken Link Checker

It is convenient to detect when there is a link error or a dead link.

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

If there are too many revisions, it seems to be heavy, so I set the revision to be up to 5 generations management.

EWW Image Optimizer

Useful for compressing images. If I hadn't put this in, I think pagespeed insights would have been even worse.

Removing plug-ins you don't need

WordPress is useful because you can do anything with a plugin! Because I innocently put a lot of plug-ins with such an idea, the remnants of the plug-in were relatively different. The plug-in was also dusty and it became heavy, so I separated it and removed unnecessary plug-ins.

Google Adsense Organizing

I also found out that Google Adsense is slow anyway. Just removing this has dramatically improved speed. If your speed doesn't improve, you've also needed to organize Google Adsense.

Review server settings

In this blog, I put it in Xserver, but I seemed to be able to speed up some even in the server settings, so I tried the following three settings.


I think that the blog post is for sending out my thoughts, but if the user can not receive it, it is not so meaningful. So, this time I introduced trial and error to display the blog at a comfortable speed. If you run a blog, if you haven't checked it out yet, try PageSpeed Insights. Finally, I turn over the chabudai. It's a big deal, butwhen the age of 5G comes, it should be a good story at all, so I think that it is completely unabashed even if you do not respond if it is troublesome. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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