My Child's Growth Record

My child's growth record: 1 year and 8 months old

Do you remember when and how your child grew up? Because I don't have much memory, I'm Yu and @childcare daddy who record the growth of children on my blog. Today, I summarized "My child's growth record: 1 year and 8 months old". I hope that the struggle and ingenuity of our house will be helpful.

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Why record your child's growth?

We basically upload videos or images for families with an app called "Take a Look" every day. If you look back on this and start watching it, it is content that time passes quickly, but I suddenly thought that I did not know what I could have done in months with this, so I think I will write what I can do as a forget.

My child's growth record: 1 year and 8 months old

Words that have become able to speak

Nowadays, the number of words that can speak has increased greatly.

  • Numbers: I count 30 seconds before I get out of the bath, but I've come to be able to count double digits like 11 or 12 somehow.
  • I like jelly, and I can say jelly.
  • When I was playing with UNIQLO, I read the stickers on my clothes many times, and I began to pronounce M.
  • When I took him to the park, he pointed to it and said flower.
  • Milk was called milk.
  • Aiueo: Aiueo can now pronounce everything and read Aiueo
  • Others: Buta, Daikon Radish, Choki, Chew, Feast


  • I like jelly and started pointing to the place where the jelly in the refrigerator is in. And, it came to show the intention to the place where it cried if the jelly was not given to the child.
  • Mikan: I gave mandarin oranges in a thin-skinned state this year because they are now available in supermarkets. I didn't eat it a year ago, but now I can eat it properly (^^♪ But I don't know if this is the cause, but the poop has become a little loose.

Where I went

"Play Park PLUS" in Koshigaya Lake Town

I found out that Koshigaya Lake Town can be accessed from my house in about 30 minutes by train, so I played at "Play Park PLUS". It is a characteristic playground where sand can be played, but My daughter disliked sand and played elsewhere ('ω')

Hitachi Seaside Park

The red flower called Kokia was in full bloom, so it was a little far away, but I drove to Hitachi Seaside Park. I drove for about 6 hours round trip, but my child was relatively quiet. At Hitachi Seaside Park, my daughter knew that it didn't hurt much to fall down in the grass area, so she fell on purpose and played. I got on the Ferris wheel for the first time in the park, and it is a good memory that she was doing a rainy day poop there.

Itabashi Children's Animal Park

I found out that there is a "Itabashi Children's Animal Park" about a 30-minute walk from my house where I can interact with animals, so we went out to play with my mom friend and family. It was good to be able to interact with sheep and goats, but we could not experience the guinea pig's cuddle without a numbered ticket.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

We went to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa to interact with the children with marine life. She was scared on a dark road on the first way, but she was in a good mood in bright areas and she was very excited at the dolphin show.

What I was able to do and play

Spoon play

She started playing with a spoon in my mouth. I'm not well behaved, so I have to fix it.

I can now climb the dining table.

She was able to climb a dining table that I could not climb until now. I couldn't take my eyes off my child even more.

She've come to understand going outside.

She is going for a walk! I'll go outside! Then, it came to walk to the door, and it came to try to put on socks for myself at this time.

She has come to encourage play.

When she wanted to play "Ipponbashi Kochocho", she came to hold out my hand.


She can now play two-piece puzzles.

Ballpoint Pen Play

She can now tick the ballpoint pen and remove and attach the lid of the pen.

They are happy to drop things

She started to play by dropping things, whether she enjoyed the sound and scattering when she dropped ballpoint pens and picture books. It was hard to stop it because it tried to play this in the sales floor such as Celia.

Play with a car

The toy of the balloon pulling car bought at the zoo was the trigger, and She started playing with the pulling car. It seems that he was playing with a play car toy at the nursery school. She also played running with a car toy in my hand.

Sand Play

She didn't like sand in my hand, and when the sand in my palms came in, she was urging them to pay for them.

Ton-don Hand Play

She started to play with the songs of "Ton-ton-Beard Grandfather". What was cute was showing off the state of play to dolls and animals (^^♪ I thought that it had sprung up like a desire for self-revelation.

Ball play

Now play by throwing the ball forward with a pawn. She was happy to roll far.

go touch a dog's tail

She like dogs, but it seems to be a little scary to touch, and I often go to touch the tail.

I'm starting to sing a song.

She began to sing elephants' songs.

Development status

The child's body measurements almost did not change their weight and height from the previous month.


What impressed me at the age of 1 year and 8 months is that the number of words that can speak has increased and I have come to play in various ways.


Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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