My Child's Growth Record

My child's growth record: 1 year and 6 months old

Good evening is Yuya @papa personality. Today, I summarized "My child's growth record: 1 year and 6 years old". I hope that my family's struggles and ingenuity will be helpful.

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Why record your child's growth?

We basically upload videos or images for families with an app called "Take a Look" every day. If you look back on this and start watching it, it is content that time passes quickly, but I suddenly thought that I did not know what I could have done in months with this, so I think I will write what I can do as a forget.


My child's growth record: 1 year and 6 months old

Words that have become able to speak

  • The words that I happened to talk about: "Delicious", "Apple", "Ashi", "Momo", "Buta", """ """ etc. By chance, I was talking.
  • Peace: I was trying to talk about the pieces that come out at the end of the "Daruma-san" series of picture books. However, I couldn't pronounce it well, so I always said "Ah After talking to the nursery teacher, I felt ridiculed or didn't say much, "Oh.". I thought that it was better not to make a fool of it too much because there was shame also in the child.
  • Words learned: numbers "5", "tate", "u"

I began to be begging for my parents to hold their knees whenever they were eating.

I always begged for my knees while my parents were eating. And I was curious about the chopsticks my parents used, and when they fell down, I was laughing. It might be such an age.


  • I started eating gyoza and sausages. I'm sure my parents are eating, so I'm interested.
  • I packed the miso soup in my mouth too much and cried because I couldn't chew it. I put it out because it seemed to be painful, but it was a little cute w
  • I started to play bligging when drinking water.
  • I was asked to eat a hard thing because I completed baby food from the nursery school, so when I let him eat okaka, I ate a little, but it was hard and angry.
  • I had melons eaten several times, but the bite was different between when it was ripe and soft and when it was not. I thought it was important to measure the timing of ripeness.
  • I found out that milk was not very healthy, so I changed the homemade yogurt I eat every morning from milk to soy milk. The person in question eats pakpak without worrying at all.


Where I went

TeamLabo was still early.

I took him to Team Labo in Toyosu and it was dark and scary and grumpy from beginning to end. It may still be as early as a year later.


The secret forest of Ario Kawaguchi seemed to be fun on the slide.

The secret forest in the Ario Kawaguchi was a little narrow, and there were quite a few children with bad manners, but it seemed to be fun to slide many times on a big slide. I think it's a wallet-friendly playground.


How to go to bed

  • I introduced a projector so that I could see the design so that I cried when I took it to the bedroom, but I stopped sleeping at all. And, because the design a was not distributed in one case of Keigo Oyamada, the design that browsing frequency was lowered.

  • By design that viewing, the day when I will not sleep after 10 o'clock at night continued considerably. When I stopped the design, it cried with it, so I took a walk outside with a cuddle string and let me go to bed. There were days when I took a walk about 5 days a week, so dad was hard. At this time, I stopped by a supermarket that I was doing until late at night, taught the names of vegetables and fruits, and talked with a stray cat nearby. In August, it was a tropical night, and it got hot with a cuddle string, so I was sleeping in a stroller in the second half. What's interesting is that when you come to bed when you come near your apartment. I'm sure the kids are going up with the hope of seeing as many things as possible, and I thought that when they were near the house, they would lose their minds.

I don't sit in the bean chair very much.

I bought a small chair (commonly known as mamei chair) for my child, but I still don't sit very well and I like to sit on my dad and mom's lap. (Something like a parent idiot w)

Mosquitoes become the enemy

The place where the mosquito bited it did not heal in the middle, and it was indebted to the dermatologist. I wonder if it was the worst when I was stabbed in the top of the eye. From this time on, insect repellent spray became essential when going out to play.

I've been pulling my hand and urging.

When there was something I wanted or wanted to eat, I pulled my hand and took it to the place and urged it. Is the influence of the nursery school great?


Playing in the water on the verandah

As it's getting warmer, I'm now playing in the water on the veranda


Playing with nursery teachers

It is nursery teacher information, but it seems to be a favorite to hide behind the nursery teacher and show up with "If you are not there!"

I started to play on the slide.

After attaching a non-slip to the pedestal of the slide, I was able to play on the slide in the living room, and I began to play climbing the slide.

Now I was able to climb slopes that I could not climb before when I took me to a playground called Pounding, whether my legs were stronger or I felt growth (^^♪

First experience of boots

I took a walk outside wearing boots for the first time at the timing after the rain. It seemed to be serious to walk because boots came off quickly. But it seemed to be a lot of fun to mess with puddles. After all, water entered the boots, and the pants worn at that time became useless (; ^ ω^)

I started trying to wear socks and pants.

I started to try to wear socks and pants myself. Of course, I still can't wear it.

The lower teeth have canines.

I have canines growing in my lower teeth. For this reason, the amount of drool increased, and I stuy was made after a long absence.


The daily growth is a little little, but if you write in this way, there are quite a few things that have become possible and changed in a month.

Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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