My Child's Growth Record

My child's growth record: 1 year and 5 months old

Good evening is Yuya @papa personality. Today, I summarized "Growth Record of My Child: 1 year and 5th month old". I hope that my family's struggles and ingenuity will be helpful.

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Why record your child's growth?

We basically upload videos or images for families with an app called "Take a Look" every day. If you look back on this and start watching it, it is content that time passes quickly, but I suddenly thought that I did not know what I could have done in months with this, so I think I will write what I can do as a forget.


My child's growth record: 1 year and 5 months old

Words that have become able to speak

When I picked up my child at the nursery school, I confirmed that I was saying "Bye-bye Tente (teacher)" to the nursery teacher multiple times.


The rice of the nursery school is roughly eaten completely, but the unevenness of eating is terrible in our house, and it seems to eat only a certain thing.

Where I went

Children's Playground CULAFUL in Hamamatsu Town

I went to CULAFUL in Hamamatsucho to go to a children's playground that I had never been to before. The site was not so large, but the scenery outside was able to be enjoyed in the public bath of the inn, and it was a space where you can see the ingenuity of making effective use of the space somehow. Perhaps because of the high price of land, the price is higher than other playgrounds. There is a café, but you can use it without entering CULAFUL, so it is recommended to use it before and after playing with CULAFUL.



  • When I was sleeping, when I stood up or tried to play with toys, I started to pretend to sleep (only when I was a scolding mom)
  • When I made the bedroom pitch black, I didn't sleep alone, clapping my hands and shouting "Joju!" I wonder if I was doing it if I wasn't in anyone (;^ω^)
  • Once every two to three days, I cry a lot before going to bed at night, so I took a walk outside with a cuddle string and put it to bed.
  • When I took him to the bedroom, there were many things that cried, so I prepared a projector and introduced a home theater in my bedroom.



Magnet Play

When I bought a picture book that I could play with a magnet, I started to play with magnets in various places.

In addition to books, metal racks and baby gates are attracted with magnets, so I was playing with sticking them in various places (^^♪

Play in the nursery school

  • It is information heard from the nursery teacher, but it seems to be worried about the appearance of other friends playing, and he went nearby and looked closely.
  • He seems to like to climb high on a skill stand or slide and look around.

I became good at going up the stairs.

I've become better at climbing stairs by holding adult hands and yes.

I've made a good work.

Until now, I was playing with 5 types of type saddle, but 9 types of type saddle goods with more types than this have been sent from Kids Laboratory, so I played with this. The type saddle has been considerably better, and every figure has come to be properly morphed.


I started to play imitating eating.

At first, I was imitating the rin and bee of a Buddhist altar, so when I was watching what I was doing, I found that I was playing by imitating eating (^^♪ I was making a gesture like shaking down the bee I put in my mouth, and it was interesting to see that the image in my child when eating with a spoon was unformed.

Enthusiasm for vinyl play remains

Even at the age of this month, I am serious when I face vinyl. When I gave him a vinyl string, he was breaking the string with great concentration.

I'm surprised at the ice.

When I showed the ice, I stared with an expression of "What?" and with my hands retracted, but after a while I touched it with my fingertips and watched the situation.

try to put on one's socks

I took my socks out of my child's clothes rack and started to try to wear them.

I'm addicted to the design

I was greatly hamili to "design A" of E-TELE. It eats more than the program such as Anpanman and it is not. In the home theater mentioned above, I played the 90-minute version of Netflix and watched it.

they get to slide

When I installed a slide in my house, I started playing a lot.


Artificial grass was drawn on the veranda in preparation for summer water play.

There were days when I could not take a walk because it was hot outside, and I drew artificial grass on the veranda to increase the range of action even a little.


Development status

The back teeth have come out in the lower teeth.

The back tooth has come to grow in the lower tooth. I didn't know that I jumped over the double teeth and had a back tooth first.

I renewed my shoes.

I bought 14cm shoes and sandals because the shoes of 13cm became tight. The shoes were still in the nursery school, and sandals were used separately for a walk at home.

Injuries and illnesses

This timing got sickest. I think I was absent from the nursery school for about two weeks.

Suffering from a sudden rash

For the first time since I was born, I experienced a fever of 39.9°C and took a week off from nursery school. Perhaps it was a sudden rash. It was quite grumpy even after the fever drew.

Contracted by the RS virus

The RS virus became popular in the nursery school, and my child went down, too. It was hard to get otitis media because of a lot of runny noses. By the way, there are 15 infants in my nursery school class, but when my child returned to kindergarten, only about 5 people went to the nursery school. It's a scary RS virus.

a scratch on the back of the hand or neck

Itchy with sweat, scratched the knot of the hand and the back of the neck, and a lot of scratches were made.


What impressed me at the age of 1 year and 5 months was that I contracted many diseases in the form of sudden rashes, RS viruses, otitis media, etc. Maybe my mom and I paid for 10 days. I thought it would be hard for this to continue every month.

Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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