My Child's Growth Record

My child's growth record: 1 year and 3 months old

2021, 10, 10,

Do you remember when and how your child grew up? I don't have a good memory, so I'm Yuya @ Childcare Daddy who records the growth of my daughter on my blog.
Today, I summarized "My child's growth record: 1 year and 8 months old". I hope that the efforts and ingenuity of my home will be helpful.

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Why record your child's growth?

We basically upload videos or images for families with an app called "Take a Look" every day. If you look back on this and watch it, it is about the content that time passes quickly, but I thought that I did not know what I could do in how many months with this, so I think I will write what I can do as a forget.

My child's growth record: 1 year and 3 months old

Words that have become able to speak

The words that seemed to be spoken were selfish, and she began to call myself "chacha".


She finally got used to the nursery school and was able to eat all the school lunches and snacks served at the nursery school. When she ate at home, she had a habit of wiping her hair after she finished eating, so I tried to wear a hat!

Where I went

Tokyo Toy Museum of Art

We went to the Tokyo Toy Museum, which made an elementary school as a renove. There were many toys made of wood, and there was some warmth.

"Kidkid Bonerund" with LaLaport

We usually go to Kidokido in Saitama New City, but this time I went to Kidokido, which will be lalaport. The swing in the ball pool was impressive.

Hiking in a tent

We bought a tent and enjoyed hiking in a nearby park!


On a very tired day at the nursery school, she was sleeping at 19:30. It's hard to get used to change.


Laugh at my videos

She started to laugh with guerrage when she watched her videos.

Read picture books on only pages you like.

Since she have decided which page she like for picture books, I try to focus on that page.

In addition, She came to bring the book that I want you to read alternately with daddy→→ mom→ daddy → mom (^^♪

I think that there is a place where she simply enjoy the exchange of thank you.

nursery school

Quote from the contact book, the following was written! (Blue is my impression of it)

  • When she climbed a little high, she was happy to crack my hand, and that smile was cute → I'm a parent fool, but my child really has a cute smile (^^♪
  • It seems to be fun to explore the nursery school → I thought that our educational policy was coming out (^^♪
  • She played ball in the tent and was happy to clap her hand when the ball was thrown in.
  • It seems that he was looking at the scenery outside without moving on a walk in a standing buggy. → wanted to take a picture of the place on the standing buggy.
  • She was so happy to make soap bubbles.

Can now load blocks

Until now, She had a specialty in breaking blocks, but she started to pack one of them (^^♪

Toy Type Saddle

She was able to make round and triangular type saddles, and when she succeeded, She came to say "Dekita" which mean she was able to do it as Japanese) (^^♪


Since she came home, she was chasing with her mom and playing with a big splash (^^♪

Petal Collection

She was addicted to collecting petals in her hand and throwing them while saying "Hoi!!" w

Where the petals are collected

Development status


She started brushing my teeth by herself.

Injuries and illnesses

The nose cold that she got at the nursery school was intense, it was not cured easily, and it became a petit pandemic in the home infected with papa and mom.


What impressed me at the age of 1 year and 3 months was that she was able to go to the nursery school in earnest after the break-in childcare was over. Along with that,

She brought back a cold even though she hadn't caught a cold at all.


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