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I made a baby food of okra x shirasu x tofu

2020, 9, 9,

Are you worried about making baby food for your child? Recently, when I come back from work, I eat rice, and from there I am making baby food. Since the frozen stock of baby food of red sea bream made a few days ago has dried up protein-based baby food in the situation that one more block, I will introduce it because I tried to make a baby food using ingredients that can take protein called whitebait and tofu today!

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I made a baby food of okra x shirasu x tofu


okra8 bottles (about 70 g)
WhitebaitAbout 100 g
Silken TofuAbout 250 g


Okra undertreatment

Okra rolls with salt on a cutting board to remove the bukkah. When finished, pour salt with water and cut the forehead part with a knife.

Vegetables run away from the boiled juice when boiled, so considering this, steam using the hot cooking board function. The hot cook command is "manually made→ steaming with a steaming board→ starts in 3 minutes".

This is where it was difficult to make baby food this time. It's sticky, and I understand it all the way.

Undertreating whitebait

Shirasu becomes stinky if boiled too much, so it was treated by adding it to boiling water for a few seconds.

Tofu undertreatment

After draining the water, put the tofu in a heat-resistant container, heat it in a range of 600 W setting for 2 minutes, and make it yudofu!

Paste processing

After the okra and tofu are finished, put them in a container of the hand blender and make a paste.

This time I was able to do about 15 blocks (375 g) (^^♪I'm going to have about a week (* ́а')


This time, I made a baby food using okra and tofu with hot cook and hand blender! If you are worried about hot cooks and hand blenders, please try them!

Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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