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I went to "Iko haspikizu" in Ikebukuro.

Good evening, I'm a freak at Yuya @children's playground. In the past, when I tried to get my children to play in Ikebukuro, I talked about the fact that the playground was closed all over the place and I couldn't play because of the corona disaster.

This time, I went to a playground called "Ikoapikizu" after examining whether it is open in advance so that you can play properly, so I will report my impressions!

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Why I tried to play "Iko haspikizu"

The reason why "Niko haspikizu" is chosen is that the child and E-tele are seen every morning (Of course, there is also the fact that it was open even in corona disaster). In this "Negohapikizu", this is to be able to play while familiar with the characters who appear in the popular infant programs "Not Not Zuba!" (Okaa and Issho)" and "Minato!", which are aired in the morning on E-TELE!

  • "I'm not there!" he said. plaza
  • "I found it!" he said. plaza
  • "With My Mother!" Galapicopu" Hiroba

How to play in the hall


"Ikoapikizu" has 5 places to play, and you can play differently with each other if you exclude the goods shop.

"I'm not there!" he said. plaza

The first place to enter the museum is "No NoBa!" Hiroba. Here, there is a toy that can play as it is and block. In addition, there is a vending machine, you can buy drinks.

Event Plaza

In the event plaza, you can play games and dances with Offlosky and Sabo. The monitor shows themselves, so you can play with an immersive feeling as if you are participating in the program (^^♪

"I found it!" hiroba

In Miitate Hiroba, there is an area that mimics a jungle, "Asanpo Map" where you can play with a switch. The Sanpo map was a little difficult to understand where the switch corresponded, so I was not quick. The latter jungle has a suspension bridge, Tarzan rope, and a floor with uneven cushions, so it was good that it seemed to be a sense of balance and core training. In addition, there were many small things that were difficult for adults to enter at the entrance of the passage, and it was fun to explore.

Ball Mizumi

As the name Michizumi is, it is an area of a large ball pool. There are places in the ball pool where cushion islands can be spot-by-torn and bouldering. The most interesting space is the slide. The slide is directly connected to the ball pool, so you can enjoy the feel of the ball when you slide! Compared to the slide of other playgrounds, the length may not be enough, but it was fun because you can climb from the opposite side.


Interestingly, but it's a place where you risk bumping into other children, so I thought you need to keep an eye on it with an adult.

"With My Mother!" Galapicopu" Hiroba

In this square, there were toys called trampolines that did not bounce much and soft rock and stone figurines.

How to use the

At the entrance, disinfect the temperature and disinfect, agree to the precautions, and then enter the museum. I visited here around 15:30 on Sunday, September 12, 2021, but I put it in without waiting at all (^^♪ When using it, there is a stroller storage space with enough space, so when you visit with a stroller, stop here and put valuables in the locker. You can also rent clothes worn by toddlers who are playing around when they are shiny boo!


The price is as follows image!


Please note that third graders and above can't play with playground equipment!


The location is on the 7th floor of Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro! The timing I used was due to the corona disaster, and the connecting passage from lumine 8th floor was closed to traffic ( ; ∀;) If you want to be safe, it is better to enter from Tobu Department Store, not from LUMINE.


I introduced the impression of "Ikohapikizu", but it is a space where adults can play comparatively, so it is recommended for families who watch infant programs every morning on E-TELE! If you are worried, please use it! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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