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NewsPicks Thanksgiving Day 2018 Winter (Part 2)

2018, 12, 28,

Last time, I posted the process from recruitment to winning newspicks Thanksgiving 2018 Winter. In the second part, did the preparations made before Thanksgiving come true? I will introduce NewsPicks Thanksgiving from my personal point of view while showing you photos taken at Thanksgiving.

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NewsPicks Thanksgiving 2018 Winter Flow

Waiting for reception

Hey, what's this atmosphere...! Everyone watches their cell phones and doesn't talk!? That's right, I don't know who w "Maybe it's not Picker-san"I became a suspicious dark demon like that, and I thought ,"I might post a photo with a blog or a local guide", so get off the escalator and take a picture of the entrance.


The reception will start and you will enter the venue in line. Present your newspicks app's profile screen and receive a card with an avatar image. I was surprised at the image of the avatar of the card that the person who happened to be lined up in front was given ● aoya! Because it is a shot from the side, I know, and the tension rises a little whether it was such a appearance. I thought that this was the real pleasure of the off-party.

I forgot to take a picture of the card.。

Start and Chat

Who was the first person to talk to you?

Pro Picker Oyama's toast will start. The episode of unreasonedness that the toast was requested two and a half hours ago was revealed. Even so, I felt that it was certainly long because it was a terrible treatment because the story was put in from the management. And we welcome a chat. The first thing I had a conversation with was a book ● You... NewsPicks has a wide range of participants.

Pickers passing by their eyes

There were several times when I checked the name tag and nodded and passed each other. We're like, "This avatar is a stranger... Next time, I would like to be a person who can not pass each other with a little more influence if I can participate in it. After all, people who often see it in the comment section always seemed to be popular because someone was talking to me.

Everyone has a good impression when I talk to them.

Even so, when you talk to them scaryly, everyone has some good reaction, and the story is exciting. It may be obvious, but it is alot of people who are interested in Picker, so I felt that there is an attitude to listen to this story. The staff of the company I belong to now are not interested in people, so it was a place where I felt healing compared to that.


The event will start with a greeting from Mr. Sakamoto, Director and Business Development Manager.

Mr. Sakamoto thought that the avatar was just like Daisuke Miyagawa, but the real thing was not.

Introducing new features

CTO Sugiura-san will appear along with Inoki's music. Why Inoki? I'm not sure about the concept, but I understand well that I'm going to liven up and that this is an entertainer.

Movie comment feature?

Can you comment on the video? I imagined that it would be like a comment like Nico Do in a video like WeeklyOchiai. I didn't know the details, so I'll wait in anticipation of information disclosure!

Comment pick function

It seems that you will be able to pick comments. NewsPicks is like the article, but you can catch a lot of helpful knowledge in picker's comments. With this function, I think it will be easier to catch up with that knowledge, and I think that exchanges between pickers will deepen.

It all started with NewsPicks.

Seven pickers were on stage with the title of "NewsPicks Started". When I hear such a story, when I announce it, I feel like ... I thought I would apply if there was a picker-stage theme next time. My priority was to interact with a lot of people, so I didn't listen to them very well by calling out to people. If you want to know the proper contents, there are others who have left excellent reports, so please read this article.

I would like to introduce three people to the extent that I was able to listen to the story somehow.

Saya Sato

She was beautiful and dignified, and I felt very attractive talking on a smooth path. In other people's comments, I had an impression of Lightning Talk, but the speech that felt really sparkly is impressive. I got stuck in NewsPicks and got stuck in the 7GByte limit, and I thought it was nice to catch a glimpse of the full force once the switch was turned on. Only this person has to call out! I thought, and in the conversation after this, I divided it to the place where everyone was greeting and talked to it.

Hiroyuki Sato

The flow of the Inoki production of Mr./Ms. Sugiura of CTO is drawn, and the niece takes the grip from the advertisement of the professional wrestler. It was impressive to see the episodes of introducing NewsPicks to students and promoting them so much that they were paid members of NewsPicks, and the episodes of Weekly Ochiai's video in class. You're a great influencer. I wondered if newspicks wanted to express their gratitude to these people.

Arai Kaoru

It seems that he wanted to write for a long time, and it was talked about that he set up a blog with a single idea. It seems easy to be able to pursue your own pure thoughts, but I think that it is amazing because you can not do it unless you have the will to dive through various things. This person had a very strong presence during Thanksgiving, and I was talking with Mr. Shoji and Mr. Ando with a familiar feeling, so I thought that it was a person on the management side. I should have greeted him properly.

Introduction of black batch users

Black Batch is a recently introduced feature, although I don't know the detailed logic. Is blackbatch the highest title of the system, which ranks in five stages based on the number of days to log in and comment? are. I almost agree with the free people because it is like a full-time award, but as a prosperous black batch user, my name was on the previous screen, and I got a black batch seal and a comment card in commemoration. The most happy part of Thanksgiving was the comment on the card I got here. Was.

You're watching my blog(ToT)! "A lot of learned comments" and so on(ToT)! Who wrote this card(ToT)?! I want to tell you that I'm so happy.

Group Photography - The End

The banquet was also the last, and we decided to take a group photo on stage. The guide said, "There are 180 people, so get stuck." That? The question was whether anyone could participate in this party because the capacity was broken. I'm worried about where and how group photos are shared. It's like a group photo! After this, as a souvenir when you leave? Did Picker make it for you? I got a cookie. It was very delicious! There seems to have been something like the second party of Thanksgiving, but my participation is so far. There were many other participation reports, so I will post them.


Did you meet the person you wanted to meet?

Retrospective notes

  • As a person who wanted to meet on Thanksgiving Day, it was good to be able to talk with Mr. Kawa and Mr. Miya●
  • I wanted to meet Mr. Ishi and Mr. God ● sooner or later by those who did not come to Thanksgiving.
  • A●san who was on Thanksgiving but didn't notice, Azuru-san was sorry that I couldn't meet him. I'd like to see you next time I have a chance.
  • Most of them were, but it was good to have a new encounter on Thanksgiving.

There was a lack of business card titles and QR code supplements.

I was able to give out nearly 20 business cards, but it didn't reach 50. It was not the purpose of scattering, so I think it was good. After exchanging business cards, I thought that there was a lack of adjective.

That was questioned

  • What are you evangelinging?
  • Where does the QR code connect?

The materials of the teal organization were good.

I explained to 3 to 4 people the comparison materials between the teal organization and the commercial organization that I created in a hurry for this day, but I was confident that it was very easy to understand. I'm going to post it on my blog, and I was worried about walking that path. I think the next Thanksgiving will be Summer 2019, but I would like to apply and participate if possible!

Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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