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NewsPicks Thanksgiving Day 2018 Winter (Preparatory)

2018, 12, 23,

Luckily, we were able to participate in The NewsPicks Thanksgiving 2018 Winter! We will introduce how to be involved in this Thanksgiving in the first part and the second part.

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Why you're doing a Picker for NewsPicks

What are NewsPicks?

I don't think there are many people who don't know, but I will introduce it. NewsPicks is a news app that allows you to read the latest news articles and make comments on news.

Reference information

  • 3 million members (as of March 2018)
  • 2015 Satisfaction No.1 News App (Long Ago w)

It is the best social media to catch up on the latest news because you can not only browse the news, but also view the opinions and thoughts of early adopters (fashion lovers) in comments on the news. As it is my interpretation, please refer to the following wiki article for general interpretation.



UZABASE, Inc. Free posted with appich

How I started Picker

NewsPicks was installed around 2016, but it wasn't until August 2018 that I started using it in earnest. There were three main triggers.

(1) I thought output was important

Influenced by the book Output Daizen, I began to think that output was the best way to drop news into my own way. I think that it is fun to leave the flash born when reading the article as a comment with a pick, and that comment will be somewhat helpful for those who read it innovatively.

(2) I thought it was important to make valuable transmissions through information dissemination services and increase my impact and credibility.

In my opinion, I think that the future era will be an era where individual evaluation is more important than corporate evaluation. As a source of individual evaluation, I think that services that can disseminate information will occupy a large weight. In China, personal evaluation is progressing, and Shibama Credit calculates the individual's credit score based on the usage of Alibaba-affiliated apps, and if this credit score is high, incentives can be enjoyed. I think this trend will eventually spread to the world.

I felt the importance of disseminating such information, so I am starting to send out variously through various SNS and information transmission services, including NewsPicks. I will introduce the media that I am disseminating information for reference.

Amazon Reviews

When it is ranked high, it seems that you will be invited to the so-called product monitoring system called Amazon Vine program. I'm writing a review comment with the aim of doing so. I am glad that it is helpful for the review of the product that I recommend.

Google's Local Guide

Google Local Guides benefits

  • 6 months of Google One free trial (100GByte storage available on Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photo)
  • 20% off Google Store products for one coupon
  • 600 yen worth of points in the Google Play Store

The results have come out in a fairly visible way, and I feel that it is for someone, and I am glad to think that it has been gaining influence in some way.

(3) Because I thought that I could get people who fit the feeling

Why don't you choose people to talk about advanced things in the real world? It is quite lonely that there are no people around who can talk about such a topic. I think that if I send out my plain idea with a service like NewsPicks, I would be able to meet people who feel better than the real world. I hope that you will find a friend who asks for your cooperation when you want to start something.

NewsPicks Thanksgiving 2018 Winter Application History and Ups and Downs

I have high hopes to meet the famous Picker and the close-to-think Picker

As I continued to comment on NewsPicks, I showed people who like my comments and people who like them well. When the thanksgiving application article came out, I applied with the expectation that I might be able to meet them.

The ups and downs of the mind until the day of election

"Winners will be sent out to their e-mail address on Friday, November 23," even though the article clearly states, even though they will not receive any e-mails even if it is Friday, November 23! ! I was disappointed that I was defeated... I'm so stagd!

Preparing for NewsPicks Thanksgiving 2018 Winter

After I was elected, I thought this was a great opportunity, so I made various preparations.

I made a business card!

Isn't it boring to talk under the title of the company? If you put out a business card of the current company, the reaction that becomes "Oh" is predicted, but I think that it is not an evaluation for the individual. I wanted them to evaluate me personally, so I decided to prepare a business card.

Selection of design templates in raxle

I decided to fish for various websites and make business cards in a place where laxle is. Fish templates with raxles. If you have an avatar image, I think that it is easy to understand and have an impact from people using the app, so I select a design template!

Machining design templates

We will process the template considering various things.


  • Qr code will increase the number of people who browse the blog, and will it become a topic?
  • Select the title you want to use now in slash career
  • The color is around mercury's lucky color purple (red is flashy, brown is unpleasant)

I'm done, Don't!

It's pretty nice, isn't it? Processing technology or not w? The trafficking data is like this.

Trafficking and ordering data

I will hand down the created data and choose the default paper such as one side color / matte paper and order it with 100 sheets!

Lead time from order to arrival

Order: Tuesday, December 4, 2018 Shipment: Saturday, December 8, 2018 Arrival: Tuesday, December 11, 2018...

The price changes depending on the number of days it takes to ship. I thought that it was cheap if it was 1372 yen including the postage and the consumption tax.

We have compiled our thoughts on teal organization!

I put the title teal consultant on my business card, so I didn't know the meaning unless I could explain it in an easy-to-understand manner, so I caused the material in my own way. I have a stronger mind about teal organization, and I will introduce it in my blog next time. In addition, I have the idea of creating a platform for teal organizations.

They celebrated

After participating in Thanksgiving, I didn't want to think it was boring or regret it, so I celebrated.

I was happy to realize it / Reason why I am happyFactors in the realization
I was able to exchange business cards with 50 people / Because many early adopters learned about my efforts
  • I have an interesting business card.
I met picker who I wanted to meet and called out/ I wanted to know what kind of person I was.
  • Because I moved networking first without running away to food and drink.
I was able to be recognized as an interesting person / Because it is the figure that I want to be
  • From the design of business cards and the contents of the blog
  • I had a teal organization leaflet and I was able to answer what evangelist I was.
I became a thing to be interviewed / Because my efforts were recognized as interesting

Medium tightening

Since this section is a preparation, we have compiled various things such as Thanksgiving application → → preparation for winning. The results of Thanksgiving are described in the next section.

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In order to solve daily problems, we are planning a mechanism to disseminate life hacks and health care know-how, and to spread the teal organization and value principle that will lead the next era.

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