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I gave my child "Nene-chan" of Mel-chan care set

2021, 10, 16,

Did mychild start to be interested in doll play house sets?

The other day, my child stopped in front of "Mel-chan goods" in the toy department of a mass retailer and wanted me, so I bought "Nene-chan" from Mel-chan's care set, so I will share the result!

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What is Mel-chan care set?

Mel-chan care set is a doll toy for children to do the left-after of child care. Mel-chan is a doll that has a characteristic that the color changes when the hair gets wet in water. This time, what I gave my child was "Nene-chan", this Mel's sister. Nene-chan, like her sister Mel, changes the color of her hair with water, and when she lies down, she closes her eyes, so she can be said to be a more baby-like doll. My child was almost greedy for Mel at the toy department, so I decided to buy her (^^♪

How mel-chan plays

Mel-chan is playing as he is.

they take a walk on a stroller

She put it on a stroller and run in the house!

Until now, it is easier to push and run than any toy that was at home, so it seems to be comfortable!

They are on their back

It was halfly forced, but She was playing with Nene-chan on her back with a cuddle string!

they drink milk

She was raising milk to Nene-chan.

When She give milk (when tilted), it is made so that the remaining amount of milk looks small properly, and I think that it is amazing.

They sing

Nene-chan is snathed when seeing occasionally. It's like instinct to want to stroke cute things.

comb one's hair

She didn't get well her hair with a brush, but she is playing with it.


In addition, she can play by brushing your teeth, eating rice, changing clothes, etc.

My child was doing most of it except to change clothes.

The gimmick when I let me eat rice is interesting, but I felt the impression that it was a little habitual and difficult to do.


This time, I introduced "Nene-chan" of the Mel-chan series that I bought for my child. It is a toy that is quite well made, so if you want your child to do things as it is, please try it!

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Bye bye(^^)/

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