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Nasu Sightseeing Part 2: I went to "Wagyu Steak Sakura"

2021, 11, 7,

I want to eat delicious steak that can be enjoyed with children in Nasu!

The other day, when I went sightseeing in Nasu with that in mind, I used Wagyu steak cherry blossom lunch, so I will report on that impression!

I recommend this hotel

  • Those who want to eat delicious steaks and hamburgers

Access to Wagyu Steak Sakura

Wagyu Steak Sakura is located at the following location. Please note that the distance from the signboard to the alley where the shop is located is short.

Wagyu Steak Sakura menu

Wagyu Steak Sakura's main menu are hamburgers, steaks, and beef stews made with Japanese black beef, but you can also eat shrimp as well as Wagyu beef.

Inside the Wagyu Steak Sakura

COVID-19 measures

"Wagyu Steak Sakura" are well-prepared for corona measures, and can only be put in if the clerk visually measures the temperature and confirms disinfection.

Inside the store

The interior of the store is made of stone and wood, giving it a unique impression.

Also, the characteristic lighting is hanging, and we used it for lunch, but this lighting seems to give a unique atmosphere when using it for dinner.

Also, as if to prove cooking skill, the open kitchen overlooking the steak being baked was impressive.

Measures for families with children

Baby chairs were prepared in the store, and a children's menu was also prepared.

My child has an unbalanced diet these days and doesn't want to eat much animal protein, but this hamburger was delicious.

Food report

I ordered steak and sautéed shrimp.

  • Soup

    It was delicious!
  • Salad

    It was a salad with no special taste.
  • Cut-off steak and shrimp plate
    The cut-off steak has a medium roast. It was delicious, but I got the impression that the size was a little small because the amount was 100 g.
    Also, the shrimp had shells and was hard to eat, and I wasn't that big, so I was a little disappointed to be honest.
  • Dessert
    After-meal dessert came with Western confectionery like coffee or tea and orange.

As a personal evaluation, I felt that 4,180 JPY including tax was high when evaluating only food.

business hours

Business hours are as below.

  • 【weekday】
    Lunch: 11: 30-15: 00 (Last order: 14:30)
    Dinner: 17: 00-21: 00 (Last order: 21:00)
  • 【Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays】
    11: 00-21: 00 (Last order: 21:00)


Although it is "Wagyu Stake Sakura" I had the impression that the price of the food was corrected a little higher due to the atmosphere of the restaurant and the place called Nasu, but I want to eat delicious food as a memory when I went sightseeing in Nasu! I think it's a good shop for those who think.

It is recommended, so if you are interested, please use it!

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