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2018, 10, 1,

Do you have the impression of a punishment game when you snort? There was a time when I thought so too.

However, as I tried nasal irrigation, this perception was updated to the recognition that it was a proper health treatment. In this article, we will introduce the effects of nasal irrigation to update your impression of "punishment game".

Common sense metabolic point

Old common sense

Nasal garble is a punishment game

New common sense

Nasal garble is an effective health therapy

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who suffer from hay fever
  • Those who can not sleep at night due to a stuffy nose
  • For rheumatoid arthritis
  • Those who have a disease in the kidneys

Benefits of nasal ingests

 Can nasal garble cure various diseases?

If a foci develops in the upper pharynx in the nose, secondary diseases are more likely to occur in remote areas as well.

We humans take in food and air, which are the "source of life" for living, from our mouths and noses. However, the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and pharynx, which are the entrances of the body, are always exposed to bacteria, viruses, dust, foreign matter, etc. To protect our bodies from these dangers, the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and pharynx are not only just a way of food and air, but also have truly clever immune and neural functions. Therefore, when chronic inflammation occurs in the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and pharynx, it affects the immune system and neural function of the whole body through the immune system and nervous system of the same site even if the symptoms are scarce in the local area, and consequently causes various body disorders and diseases that may not be related at first glance to the oral cavity or pharynx. For example, periodontal disease is known to increase the risk of the following diseases:

  • Birth of a low-weight infant (fetal stunted)
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • stroke
  • osteoporosis
  • Worsening diabetes
  • Aspiration pneumonia in the elderly

Citation: Japan Society for Lesion Diseases (Certified NPO)

As mentioned in the above quote, inflammation in the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and pharynx increases the risk of seemingly unrelated diseases (secondary diseases). It is said that it can lead to the radical cure of various diseases by caring for this oral cavity, nasal cavity, and pharynx (= upperpharynx) with nasal mouth.

Also effective for hay fever

It's really hard when you have hay fever. People with hay fever sleep less than 1.2 hours on average during the season. Seriously, it is pollinosis. Research has reported that nasal bleeds are also effective for hay fever.

Though the effect by the nasal washing was not able to prove the effect with the significant difference on the symptom of "sneezing" and "nasal closure", the improvement tendency was clearly shown. Significant in "nasal discharge" and "sum of all symptoms" (p<0.05)な改善を示した。症例数がもう少し多ければ個々の症状全てにおいても有意差が出た可能性は十分にあったと思われる。

Citation: Effects of nasal lavage on cedar pollinosis (Journal of the Chemical Society of Japan)

As quoted here, an effective tendency seems to have been seen in the case of hay fever due to cedar pollen.

The sneezing fit decreases even in the hay fever patient during sleep, and the nasal discharge content decreases. Conversely, cedar pollinosis has a large possibility of staying in the nasal mucosa for a long time in sleep. Especially, this tendency is considered to be large in the non-ciliary cell region. Then, it was considered that the big effect could be expected if pollen in the nasal cavity was washed before going to bed. Especially, it seems to be effective for the prevention of morning attack peculiar to the nasal allergy patient.

Citation: Effects of nasal lavage on cedar pollinosis (Journal of the Chemical Society of Japan)

Also, as the quote here, it seems that it is effective to perform nasal bleak before going to bed.

Nasal garble has an ancient history

In Hawaii, it has long been customary to enter the sea at the beginning of a cold, put seawater through the nose and get it out of the mouth. Also, since ancient times, Japanese people have had a custom of snorting. I guess I tried and tried various things and incorporated what was effective into my habit.

How to do a nose ingest

A dedicated kit is required to make nasal bleeds. (At least it was necessary for me.) It is impossible to use a cup. . . For me, Hanaclean S is recommended!

There are 5 points to improve nasal irrigation.

1. Use saline

Dissolve the salt in the pouring liquid to increase the concentration to 0.9%. (That is, dissolve 9 g of salt in 1 liter of water.) Hanaclean S is based on a cleaning solution called Sale S. If you have difficulty concocting saline, try this one.

Those who already believe that there is inflammation of the upper pharynx of the nose, that is, those who have joint rheumatology or kidney disease or have poor health. It seems that even if inflammation can be prevented with ordinary nasal bleeds, it cannot be cured. The weak electrolyzed water called prefir is effective for inflammation. If you are concerned, please try the nasal bleed with this solution.

2. The water temperature should be around 40°C.

The temperature is not painful when it is near the body temperature. Hanaclean S has an indicator, making it easy to adjust the temperature.

3. Utter when pouring water

Pour water while uttering "Er.". If you do not observe the above points 1 to 3, you will feel "tsun on your head", feel pain, uncomfortable and painful.

4. I don't care where the water comes from.

When you look good at the nose, you will be surprised by the mechanism of the human body. This is because the place where the poured water comes out is not constant!

] surprise point

Does water come out of the right nose when pouring water from the left nose, and water comes out of the mouth when water is poured from the right nose?

may be reversed, or both may come out of the nose. The nose seems to always have a mechanism to rest one side, so I think that the route will change due to the influence. Don't worry where the water comes from. If it is hard to put out from the mouth, it is OK to swallow it. Even if there is a virus in the stomach, the stomach acid will be sterilized!

5. Don't bite your nose right after the snorting.

If you go noseguling and bite your nose immediately, you may end up with otitis media. Don't bite your nose immediately after you've been on your nose. There is also a video of how to use the dedicated kit introduced above. If you want to imagine how to do it, please check the following video.


I've introduced the effects and methods of nasal bleeds, but has your perception of nasal sag changed from a "punishment game" to effective health therapy? If you think it looks interesting, think you've been deceived and try your nose!

Thank you for browsing. Bye bye(^^)/