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2018, 9, 30,

Do you have the impression of a punishment game when you snort? There was a time when I thought so too.
However, as I tried nasal irrigation, this perception was updated to the recognition that it was a proper health treatment. In this article, we will introduce the effects of nasal irrigation to update your impression of "punishment game".

Common sense metabolic point

Old common sense

Breathing is something that you do with your mouth

New common sense

Breathing is done by the nose

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who suffer from hay fever
  • Those who want to improve their memory and concentration
  • For adenoids

a place with poor mouth breathing

First of all, when comparing nasal breathing and mouth breathing, we will look at the bad parts of mouth breathing.

Mouth breathing worsens the oral environment

When breathing in the mouth, the mouth dries, and sterilization and disinfection with the liquid becomes insufficient, making it easier for bad bacteria to breed.

As a result, the oral environment deteriorates, causing foci infection in the pharynx and oral cavity. In addition, dryness in the mouth creates a state that is prone to cavities.

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Foci in the oral cavity causes many diseases

The above environmental deterioration in the pharynx and oral cavity is not limited to this, and the lesion is used as a source of infection, causing the lesion to be caused in the part away from the mouth. The reason is that the treatment of this active oxygen does not come to the flow of blood and the lymph fluid without any time, it is carried to the whole body, and various tissues are damaged though the granulocyte increases to intercept the pathogen in the oral cavity, and the bad bacteria are processed using active oxygen. Specific secondary lesions are caused by the occurrence of many diseases, such as acute pneumonia, acute appendicitis (cecum), indirect rheumatism, atopic dermatitis, and kidney disease. As a factor to prove this, it seems that the research also knows that people with mouth breathing have more patients with rheumatoid arthritis and appendicitis. There is also a statistic that 30% of rheumatoid arthritis becomes appendicitis.

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The amount of oxygen taken up is small! ?

Do you think that mouth breathing takes up a lot of oxygen? As I did, it's common sense to update. It seems that the mucous membranes of the alveoli work poorly when there is little moisture and the amount of oxygen absorption decreases. Since nasal breathing has the function of regulating humidity, when the same amount of air is inhaled, nasal breathing seems to have more oxygen intake than mouth breathing. When I ran with nasal breathing to test whether nasal breathing is really more dominant, I was surprised at all, I can only do nasal breathing! ! Rather, this one is fast! ! (By the way, there is a theory that both the mouth and the nose are good when exercising seriously.) )

It is also a factor of adenoid (plump jaw)! ?

Mouth breathing is also a part of transforming the appearance. The tongue muscles of the mouth breathing are weakened, but when the tongue muscle and the muzzle muscles decline, the mandible is reduced. It is said that it is one of the causes of the plump jaw that the jaw does not have the jaw and doubles. (I think that it can be said that the person who is thin and does not have the jaw is so.) )

You nasal breathing?

How to distinguish between nasal breathing and mouth breathing

Remember this as a trivia that can be used from tomorrow. There is a decisive difference between those breathing their noses and those breathing in the mouth. It is the position of the tongue in the mouth.

How to distinguish mouth breathing

  • The person breathing in the mouth is in the position of the tongue (bello) on the mandible side.
  • A person breathing his nose has a position on the upper jaw.

Did you know? I did not know w

Let's breathe nose!

Nasal breathing makes it difficult to suffer from colds and flu!

If you breathe with the nose, the cilia, mucous membranes, and epipharynx of the nasal cavity will prevent the invasion of the virus, so it is said that the morbidity will be low. Breathing with your mouth will take in viruses directly, so it's easy to get infected.

Should I not wear a mask?

In fact, when wearing a mask, the cloth of the mask makes nasal breathing painful, so it seems that you will breathe in the mouth. If you have common sense that "winter is spent wearing a mask", why not spend the winter season with nasal breathing?

Does mouth breathing induce nasal stuff?

Hay fever and perennial allergic rhinitis are caused by mouth breathing. I've been suffering from stuffy noses since I was little, but after I changed to nasal breathing, I didn't suffer from too much stuffy nose. Nasal bleeds are recommended for those who are so stuffy that you can't transition to nasal breathing. The nasal ingest was interesting, so I'm going to take it up in a different story!

Did you know that one-nosed stuff is normal?

It is the second step of the trivia which can be used from tomorrow. Did you know that the nose doesn't actually pass both? In fact, the left and right noses are switched for maintenance every few hours by a shift system. You lament that one nose is always pinched! The state is normal! !

Does nasal breathing become snoring?

When breathing in the mouth, the tongue muscles decline, and the tongue subsides and the airways are prevented, so it seems to snor.

Let's do aibe gymnastics!

"Aibe Gymnastics" is effective in order to be able to breathe nose naturally. "Aibe Gymnastics" is a mouth exercise that utters with a clear opening of mouths, "Ah", "I", "Y", "Be-". The trick is to put out your tongue with "Beh". If you do this, your tongue muscles will be trained! At the beginning, I get quite a bit of muscle pain.


I introduced nasal breathing, but do you want to practice it? Please try to take a nasal breath thinking that you have been deceived. Update your health! We are the body capital! If you want to go further and know your nasal breathing, the following books are recommended!

Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/