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In order to disinfect bacteria adhering to the toothbrush, I tried a Toothbrush disinfector made in Japan (manufactured by MEDIK) that is sterilized with ultraviolet rays!

2021, 10, 21,

Do you know that a toothbrush that you keep using has more than 100 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl?

Today, in order to remove the bacteria attached to such a toothbrush, I introduced a toothbrush sterilizer made by MEDIK (made in Japan), so I will introduce its effect and usability.

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who are concerned about bacteria adhering to the toothbrush
  • Those who do not want to transfer tooth decay bacteria to infants

Why disinfect toothbrushes?

The reason for disinfecting toothbrushes is that there are quite a lot of bacteria attached to the toothbrush.

It is said that bacteria as much as the toilet will adhere just by using the toothbrush once, and it seems that 70 to 100 times more bacteria will adhere when used for one month.

It can be said that brushing teeth with these toothbrush bacteria as they are is is the same as rubbing them against your teeth these days, which impairs the effect of toothbrushing.

It is said that the toothbrush should be changed in about a month, of course, the hair tip of the toothbrush is disturbed, but it is a correspondence to avoid the adhesion of this bacteria.

Depending on how the toothbrush is stored, it can be said that disinfection is quite important because this bacteria transfer when the toothbrushes used by other families come into contact with each other. In particular, it can be said that this disinfection measures are important to protect toothbrushes of infants up to 3 years old who do not want to transfer tooth decay bacteria.

I purchased a tool to disinfect toothbrushes.

Therefore, the following toothbrush disinfectant machine was introduced at home.

How to use it and the reason for disinfecting toothbrushes

To use it, simply open the toothbrush holder and hang the toothbrush toward the back. You can also hang a tongue brush, and there is also an attachment to set a shave, so I think that you should use it if there is something that you care about various bacteria.

When the toothbrush holder is opened, the LED of the target box lights up and ultraviolet rays are irradiated over 3 minutes. This LED uses a method called UV-C LED, and it is said to irradiate ultraviolet rays with a short wavelength of 200 to 279 NM suitable for disinfection.

Is ultraviolet rays really irradiated?

I have a suspicious personality, and I felt that the light that this toothbrush disinfector is irradiating is blue, and I felt that it was suspicious whether it was really irradiated with ULTRAVIOLET rays, so I purchased a product called "UV CHECKER" separately and verified the degree of irradiation of ultraviolet rays.

UV Check Card 2P Set [UV-4] | A card that informs you of the intensity of ultraviolet rays by color change

The method is to peel off the area that senses ultraviolet rays and insert it into the toothbrush disinfector.

As a result, it was found that ultraviolet rays were irradiated safely and irradiated to the "attention" level.

Where is there a risk due to ultraviolet rays irradiated on the contrary? I thought, I held up UV CHECKER through the holder and examined it, but this time it did not respond.

Therefore, it seems not to worry about the danger from the ultraviolet rays irradiated.

Subtle points

What I felt was a little subtle is that when ultraviolet irradiation begins, light continues to be irradiated for 3 minutes and cannot be stopped. Here

Installation and charging method

The installation method is to attach the pedestal to the tight wall with a strong adhesive tape called 3M tape and wait 4 hours for the 3M tape to be fixed.

After that, it can be installed simply by piercing the main body of the toothbrush disinfector.

Charging is possible from USB and no batteries are required.


This time, we introduced a toothbrush disinfectant machine manufactured by MEDIK.

Actually, a large amount of similar disinfectators have been released on Amazon, but it is almost made in China, and the quality seems to be dangerous as far as word of mouth is seen, so we came to introduce this product.

If you are interested, please try it!

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